Best Fishing Paddle Boards

by Kyle
Best Fishing Paddle Boards

Fishing has never been more fun than when it is done standing atop a paddle board. However, to make the addicting experience of paddle boarding and fishing to blend in well, the main requirement is finding the best fishing paddle board for you!

Yet, which paddle board is the best for SUP fishing? 

Even if it is the best, is it the one for me? 

These are some of the most common questions asked when looking for the best Fishing Paddle Board.

Now it is time to get on board and reveal the best fishing paddle boards! Here are our top 6 favorite paddle boards for fishing.

Sea Eagle FishSUP 12’6″  

Stealthy with the greatest stability and durability 

Sea Eagle FishSUP 12’6″ Fishing Paddle Board

Sea Eagle FishSUP is the ultimate dream inflatable paddle board made for fishing. It measures up to a length of 381 cm and a width of 102 cm which contributes towards its extraordinary stability, ability to adapt and hold cargo. The paddle board can sustain a whopping load of 500 pounds.

The material of the board is 1100 Decitex Reinforced Drop Stitch. Tens of thousands of finely stitched threads work together to give the Sea Eagle FishSUP its rock like rigidity while still being an inflatable!

Average inflation time for the Sea Eagle FishSUP is below 10 minutes for the sake of fast deployment. In its deflated state the board comes up to about 114 cm of length, making it incredibly portable.

What’s more, the paddle board includes features such as non-slip protective EVA foam based deck padding which makes it extremely hard to fall of the board. It can house two people with cozy swivel seats. The 14 D-Rings of stainless steel and the built-in fish measurement ruler appeals to the careful anglers. 

Last but not least, the addition of a removable motor mount on the rear and the spots for adding accessories and gears makes the Sea Eagle FishSUP a highly customizable paddle board. 


Great Stability

Durable despite being inflatable

Decent cargo capacity

Slip protection

Built-in Fish measurement ruler

Customizable with removable motor mount and swivel seats


No built-in Scotty or action mount

A bit expensive and heavy


The crown of being the best inflatable for SUP fishing is owned by the Sea Eagle FishSUP.

BLACKFIN Model XL 11’6″

At pace with perfect maneuvers 

BLACKFIN Model XL 11’6″ Fising Paddle Board

An incredible gliding speed balanced with a superb stability is the defining feature for the BLACKFIN Model XL. In its 2021 release, this watercraft comes up to a height of about 353 cm and a width of 86. Its balanced build allows it reach impressive speeds while still being a stable platform to stand on. As for cargo, it can support up to 485 pounds.

The BLACKFIN Model XL is built with a composite PVC construction of triple layer. It comes equipped with 20 D-Rings, 2 Scotty mounts and 6 action mounts. Moreover, the three removable flip lock nylon fins boosts the boards overall performance.

BLACKFIN Model’s XL version is made for long trips, adventuring and fishing in both in-shore and offshore environments.


  • Fantastic gliding speed
  • Balanced stability and maneuverability 
  • Sturdy build with carbon rail
  • Sufficient attachment points for gears and accessories 
  • Removable fins
  • Supports sand spear and fishing rack


  • Lacks U.S fin box
  • Carry handles sewn-in neoprene cover is not removable


BLACKFIN Model XL is the best SUP fishing paddle board when it comes to speed and precision. 

Atoll Inflatable Stand Up 11’

Sleek, lightweight and travel ready

Atoll Inflatable Stand Up 11’ Fishing Paddle Board

The lightweight Atoll Inflatable Stand Up is the ideal paddle board for anglers on the move. Weighing at a stunning 21 pounds, the watercraft comes up to a height of 335 cm and width of 35 cm. Its compact design makes the board extremely portable and easily deployable. In addition, it can safely support about 400 pounds of weight.

Made from the lightest and strongest machine laminated PVC of dual layer the Atoll Inflatable Stand Up shows a consistently modest durability. It incorporates the Korean technology of Drop Stitch making the board capable of taking some punishment and retain its form.

The board can still support a lot of gear with its 15 D-Rings. For movement aid it features paddles of black carbon fiberglass and nylon blades along with a universal fin box and 8 inch long composite fin.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy, compact design
  • Highly rated for great portability
  • Good assortment of attachment points
  • Black carbon fiberglass based paddle
  • Fast inflation 


  • A bit expensive


If traveling and fishing is the goal, than the Atoll Inflatable Stand Up paddle board is the one to go with.

BOTE Rackham Aero 12’4″

The fully featured powerhouse

BOTE Rackham Aero 12’4″ Fishing Paddle Board

We are aware that everyone would have differences in taste, for the fishing enthusiast who also loves paddle boarding the BOTE Rackham Aero is literally a treasure trove of potentials. When it comes to high-level customized experiences few can compare to this superb and stable board.

Boasting an insane compatibility with accessories the BOTE Rackham Aero has a length of about 375 cm and width of 96 cm. It’s large size makes the board quite stable and allows it to carry up to 400 pounds.

The Aero board is designed for the sake of fishing with AeroULTRATM technology which grants it an astonishing durability. It can support the micro anchor, power-pole and sand spear.


  • Highly customizable
  • Excellent stability
  • Large, durable build
  • Capable of supporting both fishing and hunting
  • Surprisingly stealthy 


  • Quite heavy with accessories
  • Expensive


BOTE Rackham Aero is probably the best inflatable customizable paddle board for SUP fishing.

Imagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler SUP Board 11’

Imagine Surf V2 Wizard Angler SUP Board 11’ Fishing Paddle Board

 The hard shell hybrid with a bit of everything

Versatile may just be the word to describe the Imagine Surf V2 Wizerd Angler SUP. As the name suggest, like magic the paddle board can adapt to various situations very easily. 

It’s build has a length of 335 cm and width of 89 cm making it a rather stable platform even for the starting paddle boarder. The board is made durable with its blow molded polythene. It has a capacity for carrying 305 pounds.

The Imagine Surf V2 Wizerd Angler SUP comes equipped with two rod holders, a paddle clip, snap-in-fins and four fishing mounts. It has cargo bungee to secure the fishing gear and EVA pad to ensure comfort.


  • Very versatile
  • Comfortable seats and deck padding
  • Snap-in-fins
  • Cargo bungee for fishing gear


  • Heavy
  • No included paddle


Imagine Surf V2 Wizerd Angler SUP is the best paddle board for those who wants a bit of everything.

NRS Heron Fishing Inflatable SUP Board 11’

 Simple and effective

NRS Heron Fishing Inflatable SUP Board 11’ Fishing Paddle Board

The NRS Heron Fishing Inflatable SUP Board is a simple, easy to use, no-nonsense fishing paddle board. Dual side chambers generates the necessary stability while PVC heavy-duty drop stitch provides durability for the board. 

Nylon reinforced removable plastic fins allows for some fine-tuning for the fishing activity. The Heron is equipped with 3 Scotty mounts and 6 D-Rings for attaching light fishing gear. Without many extras the board remains light and is easy to handle.

Even with a limited setup the NRS Heron Fishing Inflatable SUP Board delivers a commendable performance while fishing as it supports the core gears.


  • Simple and easy to handle
  • Lightweight
  • Quick inflation
  • Good stability
  • Durable


  • Single fin
  • No paddle included


The NRS Heron Fishing Inflatable SUP Board is the best minimalist choice for fishing. 

Why You Should Consider Fishing On A Paddle Board

A traditional boat, kayak can be quite costly compared to a fishing paddle board. Besides, the paddle board can reach and fish in areas where a boat would have trouble travelling. Being portable the paddle boards have become quite popular now-a-days for fishing activities. Most inflatable boards can support the weight of two people which means one can go paddle boarding and fishing with their family, friends or even pets.

Fishing has almost become an art form with its wide array of gears, add to that the fun of customizing a paddle board and we got the thrill of rig building covered. There is also the matter of enjoying sports, paddle boarding while fishing may just double the fun!  

How To Choose A Fishing Paddle Board

Size of the board is important in order to make sure you can fit all your necessary gears, accessories on it.

Stability is directly connected with your choice of the board and a good stable board is a must for fishing. 

After catching the fish, it needs to be stored so we must keep an eye on the cargo capacity of the paddle board.

Stealth may seem a bit insignificant for just paddle boards, but for the SUP fishing being quiet can be extremely advantageous.

While most fishing boards have decent durability it’s always wise to check for wear and tear and going out with a suitable level of sturdiness. 

Without further ado, we wish you all an exciting, happy outdoor experience with your fishing paddle boards.

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