If you are looking to get into paddle boarding and don’t want to lug around a big heavy fiberglass paddle board then you will want to purchase an inflatable paddle board. In this round up, we will go over the best inflatable paddle boards for each different paddle boarding activity.

Here are favorite inflatable SUPs from our findings, tests, trials, and research that we have conducted.

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards For Recreational Use:

Bluefin Cruise SUP Package Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board

Source: www.amazon.com/Bluefin-Cruise-Package-Inflatable-Paddle/dp/B088MVM7NT

Bluefin Cruise SUP Package Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board

Versatile & stable with a bit of everything!

The Bluefin Cruise SUP Package Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board has a bit of everything and it is one of the most versatile boards we managed to find. 

At a glance, the SUP offers, fixed mount for action camera, area for cargo storage, neoprene handles paddle stay, mounting points for kayak seats and Kickpad for swift turns.

Besides the visible parts, Bluefin Cruise SUP provides one of the longest warranty of 5 years! 

It also takes into account the different requirements for the paddle boarders and provides three options, 10’8″ board for below 85kg, 12′ board for above 85kg and 15′ board for more than two persons.

The Bluefin Cruise SUP is highly durable. It is made with military grade PVC construction, UV resistant HQ coating, high pressure laminated finish, super reinforced composite dropstitch and thermosealed crocodile deckpad.

SUP package includes GoPro mount, kayak conversion kits, lightweight fiberglass paddle, travel sup backpack, smart lock fin and double action pump.


  • Versatile
  • User friendly kit
  • Stable
  • Durable


  • A bit heavy


A state of the art board for all your paddle boarding needs.

Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Paddle Boards:

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Source: www.amazon.com/SereneLife-Inflatable-Accessories-Paddling-Non-Slip/dp/B07M715BH9

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Extra wide yet highly maneuverable!

With the extra wide SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board you can now row the high seas with your mind at ease. 

It is one of the top choices for up and coming paddle boarders. The wide deck makes it easy to balance and is great for YOGA. The board can easily accommodate youths.

The SUP board, outfitted with a non-slip soft top, breaks your falls and prevents falling off in the water.  

Tri-fins offer a fantastic control over your turns and glides. With a five in one paddleboard kit the watercraft offers good portability.  


  • Cost-effective
  • Wide, beginner and youth friendly
  • High maneuverability 
  • Convenient Kit


  • A bit unstable
  • Weak air pump


The best budget overall Inflatable SUP.

Best Beginner Inflatable Paddle Boards:

THURSO SURF Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board All-Around SUP Waterwalker

Source: www.amazon.com/THURSO-SURF-Waterwalker-Inflatable-Backpack/dp/B01MQEUBNZ

THURSO SURF Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board All-Around SUP Waterwalker

The board for all paddlers!

The THURSO SURF Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board All-Around SUP Waterwalker is a mix of the best qualities from the traditional all-around and the touring board. One of the most important factor for a beginner paddle boarder is the stability and this board is particularly stable.

Besides being a strong iSUP the THURSO SURF Waterwalker All Around boasts high durability. With military grade PVC coatings on the side and the deck the board can wither some damage. 

Even though it is lightweight it offers the performance of a hardboard. It is beginner friendly and it can also be fun for the intermediate paddle boarder. In other words, a beginner can learn and surf with the board for a long time.

Two different setups and three removable fins allows for customization for various waters. Moreover, it comes with carbon shaft paddle which is far superior to aluminum or fiberglass paddles.


  • Beginner board that supports intermediate skill too
  • Stable
  • Easy paddling
  • Great portability


  • Lacks a kick tail


A beginner friendly board that can still be used after learning.

Best Travel Paddle Board:

Tower Xplorer Inflatable 14' Stand Up Paddle Board

 Source: www.amazon.com/TOWER-Xplorer-Inflatable-Stand-Paddle/dp/B00B7PGFCO

Tower Xplorer Inflatable 14′ Stand Up Paddle Board

Durable and strong!

Tower Xplorer Inflatable 14′ Stand Up Paddle Board is 8” thick with a weight capacity of about 800 pounds!

The board comes with an adjustable 3-pc paddle and a high pressure pump for all your PSI needs. It can become nearly as rigid as a hard board without giving up any stability. 

For touring you would want the safety of a durable board, and the Tower Xplorer Inflatable is astonishingly durable. Some tests even showed that it can be run over by a car and stay intact! 

Deflated, the board is about the same size as a rolled up sleeping bag. There is no backpack though.


  • Very durable
  • Fantastic carry capacity
  • Stable
  • Supports for long journeys


  • No backpack


It is just the perfect board to carry a lot and travel around.  

Best Inflatable Touring Paddle Board:

Red Paddle Unisex's 14’0″ X 27″ Elite Racing Sup Board Package

Source: www.amazon.co.uk/Red-Paddle-Unisexs-Package-Multicolor/dp/B07WXLNPGZ

Red Paddle Unisex’s 14’0″ X 27″ Elite Racing Sup Board Package

Made to compete!

A fantastic race board made to compete over long distances, the Red Paddle Unisex’s 14’0″ X 27″ Elite Racing Sup Board combines their Forward Flex Control system with RSS to deliver quality performance. 

The board gets extra rigidity from a carbon compression rod to the front which also reduces flex created during racing. However, the energy is not wasted, it is channeled to the back of the board to raise speed.

A central glass fiber fin offers the right amount of grip without adding more drag. Double nose fins help in tracking. Carry handles are designed and placed strategically to not get in the way during racing and to enter, exit the water quickly.

Deflated and rolled up, it can fit into a back pack. You can carry it around without worry.


  • Great speed
  • Combines RSS and FFC
  • Quick setup
  • Titan pump
  • High portability


  • Heavy


Combination of RSS and FFC makes it the ideal race board.

Best Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board:

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Inflatable Fishing Stand-Up Paddleboard

Source: amazon.com/Sea-Eagle-FishSUP-126-Inflatable/dp/B06XGPGWMG

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Inflatable Fishing Stand-Up Paddleboard

Stealthy with great stability and durability!

The Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Inflatable Fishing Stand-Up Paddleboard is the dream of any paddle boarding angler. It is highly stable and stealthy enough to allow skillful fishing.


  • Durable
  • High portability
  • Stable


  • Slower Paddle Board


Combination of durability and stability make this a great option for people wanting to fish off of their paddle board.

If you wish to get a Fishing Paddle Board, you may want to check out our review of the best fishing paddle boards for more details.

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