Best Inflatable SUP Patch Kits

by Kyle
Best Inflatable SUP Patch Kits

Inflatable paddleboards are portable, lightweight, and easy to handle. All in all, they are an excellent choice for watersport enthusiasts worldwide.

But, these boards can be damaged when you face the waves, rough weather, or run into obstacles, so you’ll need to patch them up from time to time.

Fortunately, most high-quality SUP boards come with their own repair kits. 

Still, if you use up the kit that came with the package or want a better patch kit for your favorite board, several types and brands of these kits are available in the market.

It can be challenging to find a patch kit that’ll meet all your needs.

So, in this post, we’ll go over five of our favorite inflatable SUP patch kits to make the process easier for you.

Let’s take a look,

SEA DOG Water Sports Patch Kit

SEA DOG Water Sports Patch Kit

Powerful & Convenient!

With two tubes of chemical glue and multiple patches, SEA DOG Water Sports offers a patch kit that’s both powerful and convenient.

Plus, it works well for most types of iSUP boards and other inflatable products like airbed and water toys.

To use it efficiently, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the area where your SUP board became damaged. Take care to remove any salt water residue, dirt, or grime for the kit to work properly.

After you’ve cleaned the area, pick up a rubber patch that is a bit bigger than the leakage you want to repair. You’ll need to apply glue to both the damaged area and the back of the patch equally.

To increase the strength of the adhesive, you can apply the glue twice at a 5-minute interval. Afterward, wait for 10-15 minutes for the bond to become sticky.

Now, you can put the patch on the damaged area and make sure to press it vigorously. To make the process easier, you can heat the back of the patch with a hairdryer and use a blunt tool to do the pressing.

Applying a little glue to the area after 12 hours will further strengthen the patchwork.

However, since the glue can be harmful if it enters the eye or mouth, you’ll need to be careful while using this kit.


The overall best patch kit for inflatable SUP boards.

JLF Repair Kit

JLF Repair Kit

Specialized & Colorful!

Unlike the average patch kit, the JLF Repair Kit includes a specialized six-pronged wrench which is ideal for tightening iSUP valves. Plus, it comes with five colorful PVC patches.

These different color patches will let you repair your favorite board without running its graphics!

Also, it contains a clear, transparent patch that you can use to repair leakage and keep the logo or design of your paddleboard visible.

Moreover, during repairs or extended paddleboarding expeditions, the inflation valve of the board often becomes loose. 

Even beginner-level paddlers will have little to no trouble fixing such issues with the tightening wrench that comes with this kit.

Nonetheless, this paddleboard patch kit doesn’t include any adhesive or glue tube. Thus, you’ll need to purchase the glue separately. For better efficiency, you can use the HH-66 vinyl cement.


An excellent choice for paddlers who wish to repair their iSUP boards without ruining the graphics of the craft.

Vbestlife PVC Patch Repair Kit

Vbestlife PVC Patch Repair Kit

Sturdy & Safe!

Quality PVC and waterproof construction make the Vbestlife PVC Patch Repair Kit highly durable and safe to use.

Moreover, you can get this kit with three or six patches, depending on your needs. Additionally, you’ll also get to choose between three different colors when making your decision.

Since these patches are pretty sturdy, you can cut them into smaller sizes and use them more efficiently!

Also, you may want to apply thin layers of glue on the back of these patches, letting them settle for 3-5 minutes before you use it on your iSUP. Then, you’ll need to press the patch down with a heavy object or a clump for 8 hours to finish the repair.

Furthermore, this kit is also suitable for repairing small-sized inflatable rafts, boats, and pool toys.


The ideal patch kit for beginner-friendly paddleboards.

Tear-Aid Vinyl Inflatable Repair Kit

Tear-Aid Vinyl Inflatable Repair Kit

Easy to use & Long-lasting!

The Tear-Aid Vinyl Inflatable Repair Kit sports a protective film solution with an abrasion-resistant construction, making it easy to use and long-lasting.

Moreover, it contains a sizeable see-thru patch. This way, you’ll be able to cut the patch according to the size of the leakage you wish to repair, and it won’t even ruin the attractive graphics of your SUP board.

This patch also has an inhibitor that’ll resist the oils from the vinyl paddleboard layers!

As a result, the repair will remain strong for years on end. You can also use the filaments in the pack to reinforce the damaged area further.

The alcohol prep pads will assist you in cleaning the damaged area thoroughly before applying the patch. 

Additionally, this pack includes an illustrated instruction that’ll let even beginner-level paddlers use the patch efficiently.


A fantastic patch kit for the vinyl-based inflatable paddleboards.

PVC Stitch Liquid Waterproof Patch

PVC Stitch Liquid Waterproof Patch

Innovative & Versatile!

PVC Stitch Liquid Waterproof Patch kit is pretty innovative, thanks to its combination of professional-grade waterproof glue and reinforcement cord. 

This combination also makes it suitable for patching vinyl, PVC, polyester, and others!

Therefore, if you use several types of inflatable paddleboards, kayaks, and other watercraft, chances are, you’ll appreciate the flexibility this liquid patch offers. Moreover, the kit is easy to handle, and the patch is exceptionally sturdy.

So, these patches will also protect your favorite SUP board from the UV rays and the hot, cold weather to some extent.

Usually, the glue will settle within two hours, but you may want to give it 10-12 hours before taking the board out on the water. This way, the patching will last longer.

You can also use UV covers along with this kit to lengthen the lifespan of your craft. To learn more about these covers, check out the best paddleboard UV covers.


Best SUP patch kit for paddlers who use a wide range of watercraft like inflatable paddleboards, kayaks, rafts.

A Few Tips & Tricks To Choose The Ideal iSUP Patch Kit

The majority of SUP patch kits are affordable, but not all of them are suitable for efficiently patching your board.

So, here are a few tips and tricks that’ll assist you in choosing the ideal iSUP patch kit,

  • When looking for a patch kit, make sure that the patches are large enough to cover the area of damage on your SUP. It’d be even better if the patches could cover more area.
  • Afterward, determine if the glue is strong enough for rigorous activities and if it’s entirely waterproof. If the pack doesn’t have a glue tube, you might want to purchase quality adhesive.
  • If you’re planning to paddle on the ocean or battle the waves, you’ll want a kit that offers sturdy, corrosion-resistant patches.

No matter which patch kit you choose, you’ll need to properly follow the instructions for repairing inflatables if you want the patching to be durable.

Also, it’s always a good idea to try out the patched SUP board in safe shallow waters first.

Final Thoughts

Using an iSUP patch kit will save you a lot of time and effort. With it, you won’t have to spend a fortune on a brand new board!

However, it is imperative to purchase a high-quality patch kit. After all, a half-heartedly patched SUP board with weak patches or glue will quickly become damaged again.

As a result, you might even suffer accidental injuries, and your valuable paddling equipment and supplies may be lost. 

So, take your time and make your choice carefully.

Once you’ve found an inflatable SUP patch kit that fits your needs, you’ll be able to ride again on your favorite iSUP board safely!

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