The Best Newport Beach Back Bay Paddle Board Rentals

by Kyle
The Best Newport Beach Back Bay Paddle Board Rentals

Newport Beach, CA is home to one of the largest recreational harbors in the United States. Because of this it makes the perfect place to enjoy a day of relaxing paddleboarding! Whether you are visiting from out of town or a local, you might want to consider renting a board to explore a more hidden part of the harbor, the Newport Beach Back Bay. The Back Bay is a fantastic place to explore on a paddle board with its beautiful nature and minimal boat traffic. In this post we will show you the top three best Newport Beach Back Bay Paddle Board Rentals.

Newport Aquatic Centre

Newport Aquatic Centre, Newport Beach, CA Paddle Board Rentals


The Newport Aquatic Centre is a kayak/paddle board rental business that’s on the end of Whitecliff Drive. Those living nearby also know Newport Aquatic Center as NAC. This aquatic center is ideal if you’re paddle boarding with your family. 


If you’re going to the black bay beach from the south, turn right to enter the corner of Whitecliffs drive from Polaris drive. If you’re going to black bay beach from the north, turn left to get to Whitecliffs drive. The corner which you’ll enter to get to NAC is the third one (on the left) from Galaxy View Park. 

Don’t enter any other corners upon entering Whitecliffs Drive. You won’t miss NAC because ahead of the houses preceding it is an expansive parking lot. On the building itself, directly on the left facade of the building, is the business name engraved in large letters. 

Price of Rental

Newport Aquatic center has kayak rentals and paddle board rentals for clients. Rental is done on a first-come-first-served basis and reservations aren’t allowed. This means that you’ll have to come early during the peak season to get your hands on a paddle board or kayak before others. 

paddle board Rental Costs $20 an hour. What they have are mid-grad paddle boards that neither performs wonderfully nor perform terribly. As for the kayak rental, a single-seater kayak costs $15 an hour while a double seater kayak costs $20 an hour. 

You may also rent lifejackets at NAC. Lifejackets are free as long as you bring an ID for them to hold on to while you are paddleboarding.

Also, consider bringing your own safety equipment because NAC allows you to use your own. 

What Does NAC Have?

NAC has its own small beach area, which is a little less than a mile away north of Black Bay beach. The beach area is exclusive only to NAC clients. This means that going to NAC to paddle board will be a good idea if Black Bay beach is too crowded with kayakers and paddle boarders.

It’s also okay if you’re bringing dogs with you. Newport Aquatic Center allow this within its grounds so long as they’re on a leash. Dogs can ride the kayaks. However, they’re not allowed on the paddle boards. With that being said, don’t bring pooch if you’re a paddle boarder. 

Beginners can learn kayaking or paddle boarding with NAC. It has kayaking and paddle boarding classes for kids and adults. There are even dragon boat classes for those who wish to try more advanced stuff. 

Finally, NAC hosts camps for training paddle boarders and kayakers; Spring Jr. Learn To Row Camp, Learn To Row Summer Camp, Intro To Competitive Rowing Camp, and Varsity Conditioning Rowing Camp. 

Are There Rules To Follow?

Newport Aquatic Center is an established rental business near Black Bay beach. As a result, it they have a few policies that you need to follow when renting from them:

If you have questions about these rules, you may contact NAC via phone at (949) 746 – 7725. You can also send an email by clicking this link.

Pirate Coast Paddle

Pirate Coast Paddle Board Rentals Newport Beach, CA


Pirate Coast Paddle is where to go for paddle boarding while being near the Newport Dunes Bridge. It’s more expensive than NAC. Nevertheless, don’t mind the price because the kayaks and paddle boards here are what seasoned kayakers and paddle boarders need. 

How To Get Here?

From Black Bay beach, go to Pirate Coast Paddle by following Drover Road going south. Doing this will take you to the national road headed east of Newport City. 

After you cross the bridge near Pearson’s Port, enter the first corner that you’ll see. After entering the corner, you’ll then follow Newport Bayside Drive which takes you to Newport Bridge. On the other end of the bridge is a corner on the left. Follow it and you’ll immediately see the parking lot of Pirate Coast Paddle. 

Pirate CoastPaddle is nearer if you travel by boat. It’s directly on the southeast of Back Bay beach. With a boat, getting to Pirate Coast Paddle only takes 10-15 minutes. 

Price of Rental

Pirate coast paddle doesn’t have a fixed rate. How much to pay depends on the renting duration. Here’s a quick table that summarizes the costs:

Paddle Boards and Single Seater Kayaks

  • $80 for a whole day
  • $60 for 4 hours
  • $45 for 3 hours
  • $35 for 2 hours
  • $20 for 75 minutes

Double Seater Kayaks

  • $100 for a whole day
  • $80 for 4 hours
  • $70 for 3 hours
  • $50 for 2 hours
  • $30 for 75 minutes

You can also purchase the Pirate Coast Paddle SUP Pass. A punch on the SUP pass is equivalent to 1 hour. The SUP is available during regular business hours or via special promotions. SUP pass bought during regular business hours is more ideal because you can use it all year round. With a SUP pass, you can save as much as $200.

What Does Pirate Coast Paddle Have?

Pirate Coast Paddle offers tutorial lessons to beginners. It also has a guided tour that’s available for $35. The guided tour takes you along the entire Pirate Coast establishment and comes with an extra one hour tutored paddle boarding. 

There’s also SUP yoga sessions. The SUP yoga costs $40. Even so, the pricing is justified because you’ll be doing Yoga sessions on the paddle board with an established yoga instructor. By the way, paddle boarding is already known as a great weight-loss method. And paddle board with yoga makes burning calories more enjoyable. 

If you’re with kids, you can enroll them in the SUP Kids’ Camp. The SUP Kid’s Camp is a 5-day long camp where the kids will learn beginner to intermediate paddle boarding. There are also games like beach tug of war and paddle races organized for them to enjoy their time with peers. 

Are There Rules To Follow?

Pirate Coasts implements the following rules:

  • paddle boarding and kayaking is allowed but requires an additional payment of $5 per hour added to your rent
  • All kids under 17 must wear life jackets at all times
  • All kids under 16 years aren’t allowed to paddle board or kayak on the far side of the establishment without adults accompanying them
  • First-timers have to take the on-shore kayaking and paddle boarding tutorial

For further inquiries, you can contact Pirate Coast Paddle on (949) 278-0011.

Southwind Kayak and SUP Center 

Southwind Kayak and SUP Center, Newport Beach, CA


Southwind Kayak isn’t as big as the previous two Newport Beach Back Bay Paddle Board Rentals. Even so, consider coming because it allows you to fish while riding the kayak or paddle board. Furthermore, it has looser rules and regulations than the rental places above. 

Price of Rental 

The hourly rate of the paddle board is $20. On the other hand, the daily rate is 65 dollars. To save money, it’s best to go for the daily rent if you’re kayaking for long. It’s because if you rent a paddle board hourly and ride it for 6 hours, you’ll be paying $72 dollars. That’s 7$ more expensive than the daily rent.

On the other hand, single-seater kayaks and double seater kayaks cost $50 and $65 respectively. 

How To Get Here?

You’ll pass by Southwind Kayak and Sup Center when going to Pirate Coast Paddle. It’s across the bridge near Pearson’s Port, on the right side. 

What Does Southwind Have?

Southwind Kayak and Sup Center is a retailer of fishing equipment, kayaking equipment, and paddle board. Therefore, come and visit if you’re planning to buy your own kayak and paddle board. And since it’s a retailer, the equipment that you’ll rent here is always new and high quality. 

Are There Rules To Follow?

There aren’t any strict policies in Southwind Kayak and Sup Center. However, you have to adhere to basic safety procedures wearing life vests, keeping your pet leashed, and accompanying children. 

Southwinds contact number is (949)-961-0200. You may also send them an email at


The rentals that we listed here are the best Newport Beach Back Bay Paddle Board Rentals. So when you visit any of these paddle board rental shops you’ll find the rental paddle boards in wonderful condition.

With that being said, don’t waste the wonderful weather in Newport Beach, CA and rent a paddle board today!

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