Do you ever want to go paddle boarding after work but the sun has already set? If so, you probably noticed your vision is going to be reduced to a great extent. However, individuals still find a way to do that in the dark and they do this by illuminating the surroundings using paddle board lights. This will help you to remain safely on the water and will also invite the fish close to you in case you are fishing. 

You will come across lots of choices when it comes to paddle board lights and other paddle board accessories, and here we have mentioned brief reviews of the top 6 best paddle board lights available on the market. 

Underwater Paddle Board LED Lights

PoHo Surf Shop Kayak LED Light System & Northern Lights SUP

1. PoHo Surf Shop Kayak LED Light System & Northern Lights SUP

This product provides lots of innovative features which help to make it quite popular amongst paddle boarders. It is appropriate for any adventure enthusiast who loves convenience. There are a couple of SUP lights which are multicolor and bright. There are as many as 5 multicolor modes for you to choose from as well. Each light comes with 10 LEDs which can be mounted to the underside of the paddle board along with Velcro patches. 

There is also a remote control which helps to make the adjustment quite simple. The remote control and the LEDs come with units which can be turned on for selecting colors. Although the remote isn’t waterproof, this issue can be fixed by placing it within a waterproof bag. 

The lamps are completely waterproof and submersible. They also come with life jackets which will not allow them to sink. The system makes use of as many as 6 AAA batteries. These will be useful for longer trips since there is no need to recharge them. The kit includes industrial strength Velcro, Silicone Grease, safety LED, a couple of LED life jackets, two LED lamps, in addition to a remote control. 

The package includes a bow safety light which has to be attached to the top portion of the paddle board with the purpose of enhancing safety and improving visibility at night. 


·  13 different shades.

·  5 multicolor transition modes.

·  Fully waterproof as well as submersible lamps.

·  Remote control.

·  Appropriate for SUP, kayak, and canoe.

·  Comes with safety LED for topside visibility.

·  Operates on 6 AAA batteries.

·  Attachment process is simple.

·  Instructions provided are clear.


·  Comes with a remote controller

·  Bright multicolor lights

·  LED life jackets

·  Comes with Velcro tabs

·  Submersible


·  Does not come with batteries

·  Remote control is not waterproof

·  Does not include a waterproof bag for keeping the remote

·  The quality of the adhesive present on Velcro patches is not up to the mark

Submersible Led Lights along with Remote – 2020 Underwater Waterproof Led Lights 

Submersible Led Lights along with Remote - 2020 Underwater Waterproof Led Lights

The submersible LED lights from HOOIMA are undoubtedly a fantastic choice for you while you are performing paddle boarding at night. It is quite lightweight and easily portable so that you will be able to carry it anywhere you like. These are likewise multipurpose and can be used in different areas such as water fountains as well as aquariums. 

These submersible lights are also perfect for your home decor. In case you are trying to add a touch of coziness and elegance to your residence without spending lots of time as well as money, then this product will be the ideal solution for you. It is also straightforward to use, and you simply need to include the 3 AAA batteries, switch on the bad while placing it in the water, and that’s all! Moreover, it comes in as many as 16 colors. The LED pad has an amazing effect in the water which will definitely catch you by surprise.

The product likewise comes with 4 remote controls for allowing you to enjoy the comfort of having this type of accessory. These remotes will enable you to switch on and off the LED pad, and you will also be able to select different colors along with one of the 4 light modes, namely, strobe, smooth, fade, as well as flash.

The remote is going to use an infra-red transmitter and therefore, it requires a direct line of sight for working with the front of the device. You will have the facility of having one remote for every single light supplied. It would be possible to submerge the lights up to 1 m deep in the water without any problem whatsoever. This definitely helps them to make the appropriate paddle board lights for use after dark. Each of these units makes use of 3 AAA batteries which will not be included along with the product. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that these strong and submersible lights will be perfect for your paddle board.


·  Includes 4 remotes.

·  Comes with 16 colors along with 4 transition modes.

·  Waterproof.

·  Operates on 3 x AAA batteries, one for every unit.

·  10 LEDs for each lamp.


·  Is available in a pack of 4

·  As many as 16 colors to choose from

·  IP67 waterproof

·  Includes a remote for every light so that the pack can be shared with others


·  Does not include any process of attachment

·  IR remote, which implies that you will need to turn on the light prior to launching the board

Nocqua Adventure Gear Spectrum LED 7-Color Light System

Nocqua Adventure Gear Spectrum LED 7-Color Light System

The Nocqua Adventure Gear Spectrum is actually the most recent development from the company and offers as many as 7 colors plus 3 modes. It provides an extremely durable and flexible design which helps to make it quite popular amongst paddle boarders across the globe. The set comes with an innovative in-line switch that will enable you to select between purple, red, green, aqua, blue, orange, low white as well as brochure white. And the good thing is that this can be done simply by pressing a button. The other modes are party mode, color hold, as well as SOS strobe.

This set comes with a couple of waterproof and 7 color LED light bars within a track system which is connected by an adjustable proprietary harness system, 12V water-resistant and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, an in-line switch, 1 “Y” connector such that it would be possible for one battery to provide power to both the light bars, plus extension straps for bigger vessels like canoes and kayaks along with a travel case for safeguarding the entire system in case you are not out there in the dark.


·  Is able to attach and adjust to any stand-up paddle board, canoe, or kayak

·  Colors consist of Blue, bright white, red, green, teal, purple, orange, as well as low white

·  The modes consist of a party mode, a color hold, along with SOS Strobe

·  Safe and water-resistant for all paddle boarders

·  Alternates between 3 modes and 7 colors simply by pressing a button

·  Includes a travel case for holding and safeguarding your Nocqua components


·  Comes with as many as 7 colors plus 3 modes that can be operated by pressing a button

·  Totally safe and water-resistant

·  Includes a travel case for holding your essential components

·  Extremely simple to operate


·  According to some users, the quality of the product is not up to the mark

·  Might stop functioning to work after some time

Above Water LED Paddle Board Lights

Botepon Red and Green Led Navigation Lights, Marine Boat Bow Lights 

Botepon Red and Green Led Navigation Lights, Marine Boat Bow Lights

In case you own a paddle board or kayak, then this product will be essential for you. This navigation light has been designed with beginner-friendly features given that it guarantees a simple installation process. It actually includes a double hook which helps to make the assembly procedure quite straightforward. The hook provides ample support while it is being fastened to the rail of the paddle board along with a silicon body which is extremely flexible.

Products such as these mentioned here have been engineered with adequately bright and safe LED light designs. Therefore, although you might be frequenting to perform your water activities after dark, you will be guaranteed of remaining 100% safe and visible. This product is worth the cost irrespective of whether you require sufficient lighting for emergency situations or you simply require a backup light. In fact, these lights will be able to make your paddle board more secure and legal at night. In case you’d like to go fishing, then this will also provide you with good company.

The good thing is that this product comes with a simple 1-touch switch design. Moreover, it includes as many as 3 lighting modes, namely, flash lighting, steady, and slow flash. The flashing mode will be able to last approximately 160 hours and the steady lighting mode will be able to last approximately 35 hours. It will not be difficult to find the battery, and you can purchase it anywhere. Therefore, in case you’d like to replace the battery, it can be done without any problem at all.

Last but not least, the company likewise offers a lucrative one-year warranty which will enable you to use the product without any risk whatsoever. Although this light will be able to offer adequate lighting after sunset, it is essential to use it very carefully. The reason for this is that they might start malfunctioning in case you expose them to a saltwater environment frequently. You are recommended to maintain its cleanliness at all times.


·  The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty.

·  The presence of 2 bright LED lights will help to make it extremely safe with a visibility of more than 0.6 miles.

·  Ideal for kayak or paddle board navigation lights, backup lights, and emergency lights.

·  It is quite simple to install thanks to the flexible silicone body plus double hook.

·  There are 3 modes.

·  Operates with a CR2032 battery which is available everywhere.


·  Assembly process is quite simple

·  Constructed with extremely bright LED safety light design

·  Supported by a lucrative one-year warranty

·  Comes with 3 lighting modes

·  Extended lifespan


·  Might not be appropriate for rugged marine usage

Kayalu WaterTorch 360 & Light

Kayalu WaterTorch 360 & Light

The Kayalu WaterTorch will be emitting light in a radius of 360 which will help to make your paddle board remain visible from every possible angle at night. It comes with an innovative white Lexan diffusion lens for safeguarding the bulb and also enhancing the overall visibility.

This particular LED bulb in the kayak light will be operating on as many as 3 detachable AA alkaline batteries. It will be possible for the light to last for approximately a hundred hours on one set of batteries while the average battery life can be as much as 10,000 hours.

The lens housing as well as body of this amazing paddle board light is essentially crush-proof. The light will be able to handle in case it is bumped or dropped against rocks while you are launching and landing your paddle board. This light has been made from 100% marine-grade parts which help to make it completely waterproof and it will also be able to handle submersions of as much as 1000 feet. Apart from this, the light is 12 inches in height and also comes with a suction cup base. It can likewise be used in the form of a handheld flashlight or even as a camping light while you are venturing outdoors at night.


·  Waterproof (IPX8 rated) and buoyant; can be submerged up to 1000 feet in the water.

·  Comes with a suction cup base.

·  Lens housing is almost crush-proof and will be able to withstand direct impact.

·  Rugged body.

·  White Lexan diffusion lens.

·  Can operate for 100 hours on one set of detachable AA alkaline batteries.

·  Comes with 10,000 hours of LED life.


·  Extremely bright light which will be visible up to 2 miles

·  Includes a marine tether which is 18 inches in length

·  Crushproof

·  Can be submerged up to 1000 feet in the water


·  It is possible for the chamber to become hot in case the batteries do not make good contact

·  Despite the fact that the light claims to have buoyancy, it often tends to sink

·  Comparatively small in size

Portable 560-1110 LED Bow Light from Innovative Lighting

Portable 560-1110 LED Bow Light from Innovative Lighting

In case you like to have portable navigation lights for paddle boarding at night, then this product will be the right solution for you. This light would be recommended for anyone in case portability is his priority. It is also quite easy to install the product and it does not require any drilling. In case you are using it for the first time, there is no need for you to worry since it will become quite easy for you to operate in no time at all. Most of us prefer to have navigation lights which are extremely durable as well as bright, and in that case, this product will not disappoint you by any means.

It will also live up to your expectations when it comes to longevity. It features a prolonged LED service life which will provide you with company for quite some time. It has been manufactured with superior quality which will help you to save energy in the long run. You will also be guaranteed of remaining safe while paddle boarding at night given that it will provide you with sufficient lighting.

The suction cup which comes along with the product will be able to hold firmly on the sleek surface of the paddle board. Furthermore, the light’s brightness is not going to disturb any view. However, it is worth mentioning that you will be requiring as many as 4 AA batteries since these will not be included along with the package. Another good thing about this product is that it is going to stick properly without falling off. It will also be able to stick to a small vessel without any problem at all for several days. You will simply love its ability to deliver the goods for you.


·  Needs 4 AA batteries for operation which will not be included along with the product.

·  Molded 1-piece white body construction.

·  Comes with approximately 100,000 hours of LED service life.

·  Shockproof neoprene accents.


·  Provides lots of portability

·  Extremely resilient and bright

·  Prolonged LED service life

·  Comes with energy-efficient features

·  Does not need any drilling


·  Might not be appropriate for wind or wake

Which Paddle Board Light Will You Choose?

After going through this review on the 6 best paddle board lights on the market, it should not be difficult for you to choose the appropriate one for your personal requirements. However, you will also come across other products on the market apart from those which have been mentioned in this list. Make certain to take several essential factors into consideration before deciding to purchase any product for your paddle boarding adventures at night. Also, bear in mind to go online and look what the reviews from the users of these products regarding their experiences after using them. This will give you a solid idea regarding the competence of the paddle board lights which are being considered by you.

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