Best Paddle Board Mats

by Kyle
Best Paddle Board Mats

Paddleboarding is a fun and healthy activity for all ages, but it can be pretty challenging to find the right equipment for your needs.

One such crucial accessory is the paddleboard mat. 

After all, not only do these mats help you stay balanced while paddling, they also provide extra traction so that you don’t slip and accidentally hit the water!

As such, without one of these SUP mats to protect your feet and knees when paddling, it’ll quickly become uncomfortable and difficult to paddle your board for extended paddleboarding trips.

However, the world of SUP accessories has evolved over the last couple of years. Thus, it can be hard to determine which paddleboard mat would suit you the best.

So, in this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the best paddleboard mats.

Afterward, as a bonus, we’ll share a few tips and tricks to help you choose the best paddleboard mat.

Abahub Non-Slip Traction Pad Deck Grip Mat

Abahub Non-Slip Traction Pad Deck Grip Mat

Excellent Traction & Comfort!

Abahub’s Non-Slip Traction Pad Deck Grip Mat offers a perfect balance between grip and comfort.

It features A-grade closed-cell EVA foam and a diamond groove texture.

Together, it creates a comfortable 3mm depth surface. Moreover, this 30’’x 20″ deck pad becomes incredibly versatile due to its trimmable nature.

Also, the foam is pretty elastic, and it has a marine-grade self-adhesive backing. Thus, it’s easy to install, and it’ll withstand most dust, impact-based damages.

Additionally, the diamond groove texture ensures that you won’t slip easily. As such, with this mat, you can reduce the risk of hitting the water on extended paddleboarding trips!

To learn more about such helpful SUP accessories, check out the best inflatable paddleboard accessories.


The overall best paddleboard mat.

PUNT SURF Non-Slip Traction Mat

PUNT SURF Non-Slip Traction Mat

Versatile & Sturdy!

Due to its superior use of construction technology, PUNT SURF Non-Slip Traction Mat is hard to beat when it comes to versatility and durability.

Like the Abahub mat, It also sports an ultralight EVA foam deck pad with diamond groove textures.

But, it’s more flexible since you can easily use it on almost any watercraft like the SUP board, Surfboard, kayaks, or boat. 

Plus, you can even use it on skateboards, longboards and it’s sturdy enough to provide a surface for your canine friend to stand without damaging the deck. Furthermore, it comes with a marine-grade 3M adhesive.

This way, it’s relatively easy to put on your board, and the installation process takes little time.


In essence, if you require a versatile mat, then you can’t go wrong with the PUNT SURF Non-Slip Traction Pad.

Abahub Surf SUP Deck Traction Pad

Customized & High Quality!

While it’s a bit more expensive, the Abahub 12 Piece Surf SUP Deck Traction Pad boasts premium quality. In addition, its highly customized nature allows it to cover the majority of your paddleboards deck space in an elegant style.

Moreover, it features elastic closed-cell EVA foam and a textured surface.

Also, it comes with 3M marine-grade self-adhesive backing for the paddler’s convenience.

Plus, the foam-based deck pad works as an absorber for most shocks and impacts. This way, you are less likely to injure yourself even if you fall on the board.

In contrast, its shape and design are not as versatile as most of the other deck mats. But, the sturdiness and the elegance make it worthy of the price tag.


The ideal deck pad for advanced paddleboarders.

Foammaker Universal DIY Traction Non-Slip Grip Mat

Versatile & Lightweight!

Filmmaker’s Universal Traction Mat is highly versatile and lightweight. Plus, it’s pretty easy to install.

It features ultralight EVA foam and non-slip diamond groove texture.

Moreover, it has marine-grade pressure-sensitive adhesive. Fortunately, it also comes with a back cover to protect this sensitive adhesive. This way, you can peel the back-cover and stick it on your paddleboard with minimal hassle!

In addition, the EVA foam is lightweight so that the mat won’t add too much weight to your board. 

Nevertheless, while several sizes are available for this mat, you may still need to customize and trim it for a perfect fit.


The ideal mat for paddlers who wish to customize their SUP boards without adding too much weight.

OCEANBROAD Deck Pad Grip Mat

Durable & Non-Slip!

The 4-piece OCEANBROAD Deck Pad Grip Mat blends premium quality construction materials with cutting-edge technology. Thus, they offer a paddleboard mat that is sturdy and has a fantastic grip!

Also, it features top-quality EVA foam and a textured surface.

Furthermore, the foam is elastic and soft. So, you can comfortably stand or sit on it for a long time.

Yet, this mat can also survive wear and tear and accidental impacts with very little damage.

Moreover, it has the original 3M back adhesive. Therefore, you can quickly secure its position on your watercraft’s deck. Plus, even if you are new to paddleboarding, these mats will support you efficiently.

However, you will need to plan and trim these mats carefully since it has four pieces.


An excellent mat for beginner paddleboarders.

Own the Wave Non-Slip Traction Pad

Own the Wave Non-Slip Traction Pad

Comfortable & Durable!

Own the Wave 12 Piece Traction Pad is one of the thickest and sturdy mats for solid paddleboards.

Surf and Snow Warehouse constructs it with lightweight EVA foam. Moreover, this mat also has surface textures to provide extra grip.

Nevertheless, what makes this mat stand out is the 5 mm thickness. While this does make the pieces relatively more expensive than the standard deck pads, it also ensures your comfort and lasts for years to come.

Furthermore, like the majority of the paddleboard mats, it also sports a potent 3M adhesive. So, it’s easy to install.

Plus, once installed, it’ll work as a cushion for your epoxy SUP so you can even safely stack your paddleboards!

However, if your SUP board is less than 11′ long, you may need to cut, trim the pieces to match the size of your craft. Also, this mat is not very suitable for soft-top boards.


The best mat for solid, epoxy SUP boards.

How To Choose The Best Paddleboard Mat

There are several factors to consider when choosing the mat for your favorite paddleboard.

For instance,

  • You can determine the comfort level and the durability of a mat from its construction material, elasticity, and thickness.
  • Typically, mats that feature closed-cell EVA foam will offer excellent comfort and durability.
  • Afterward, the mats that have diamond groove texture can offer you a superb grip.
  • And finally, you will need to consider the adhesive quality and the size of the mats.
  • Mats with 3M marine-grade adhesive will stick to your board better. Plus, with more giant mats, you can cover the SUP board’s surface efficiently.

Aside from these, you can also get customized mat pieces. These will be even easier to install. In addition, you can rent solid paddleboards with different mats and test them out in the water.

Bottom Line For Best Paddle Board Mats

A suitable mat can quickly take your paddleboarding experience to the next level. But, it can take a few tries before you can find the deck pad that will meet all your needs.

Yet, once you have completed this step, you’ll be free to go on those extended paddleboarding trips comfortably and safely.

But, don’t rely solely on our word. Instead, pick up one of these top-quality mats today and enjoy your next paddleboarding adventure!

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