Best Paddle Board Rail Guards

by Kyle
Best Paddle Board Rail Guards

Paddleboards are an excellent way to explore and enjoy the water, but they can be challenging to maintain.

After all, SUP boards are relatively more minor watercraft, and they are prone to get damaged from accidental falls, impacts. Moreover, the rails of the paddleboard often get dings or chips when it runs into another board or an obstacle.

With that in mind, you may want to pick up a paddleboard rail guard. Afterward, this guard can extend the lifespan of your watercraft with minimal hassle.

However, not all SUP board rail guards are equal. Thus, finding one that suits your needs can be pretty challenging.

So, in this post, we’ll go over some of the best paddleboard rail guards to make the search easier for you.

NorthShore RSPro SUP Rail Savers

Efficient & Easy-to-install!

NorthShore uses cutting-edge technology and top-notch materials to construct the RSPro SUP rail savers. Thus, it’s highly efficient, and even beginner paddleboarders will have an easier time installing it on their watercraft.

After all, it’s a transparent tape with zero drag. So, it won’t cover up too much of your SUP board’s original graphics.

Moreover, this tape is about 75 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. As such, it’s suitable for use on a wide range of SUP boards.

Also, this saver is sturdy enough to protect the board’s rails from accidental paddle strikes and minor impact-based damages during paddling sessions or transportation.

However, this tape is not the best for protecting the paddleboard nose. 


The overall best paddleboard rail guard.

Funktion SUP Paddle Board Surfboard Rail Tape

Funktion SUP Paddle Board Surfboard Rail Tape

Versatile & UV-resistant!

The Funktion SUP Paddle Board Surfboard Rail Tape offers excellent performance with UV-resistant materials and a simple design.

Plus, like the NorthShore RSPro, this tape is also transparent. This way, it won’t ruin the design of your favorite board. Furthermore, you can safely use this tape to protect the rails of your SUP and SURF boards due to its versatile nature.

Still, it’s pretty challenging to install this tape. Thus, it may take a bit of effort to secure it on your paddleboard properly.

Nevertheless, this tape is pretty thick, so it’ll effectively protect the watercraft rails from the sun’s rays and from getting scratched.

All in all, it’s ideal for the more extensive travel, surf paddleboards. To learn more about these SUP’s, check out the best paddleboards for the ocean.


An excellent rail guard for paddleboarding on the ocean.

Santa Barbara Surfing SBS Stand Up Paddle Board Rail Savers

Santa Barbara Surfing SBS Stand Up Paddle Board Rail Savers

Sturdy & Efficient!

The Santa Barbara Surfing SBS Stand Up Paddle Board Rail Savers combines a universal design and quality construction materials to make a durable, effective SUP rail guard.

It’s about 85 inches long and 3.5 inches wide.

Moreover, this transparent film comes with decent adhesive. This way, you’ll have little trouble applying it on your epoxy or fiberglass board.

Additionally, it offers some protection from UV rays. So, your favorite board will less likely get scratched from paddle strikes or get damaged from the sun’s rays out in the water.

Also, its size makes it pretty efficient even when you use it on a giant paddleboard.


The ideal protection for massive epoxy SUP board rails.

NorthShore RSPro Stripes Rail Savers

NorthShore RSPro Stripes Rail Savers

Safe & Stylish!

While a bit more expensive, the NorthShore RSPro Stripes Rail Savers comes with an attractive design and reliable quality.

As such, you can use this semi-rigid streamlined saver to quickly cover up previous damages on the rails of your favorite board. Furthermore, it can improve the graphics of most boards with its stripes.

Plus, like the other NorthShore rail savers, this one is also easy to install. 

Additionally, this tape is optimized to fit the average SUP board rails with minimal hassle. 

This way, even beginner paddlers can install this rail guard quickly. Afterward, this tape will offer effective UV resistance and protection from impact-based damages.


An excellent rail saver to cover up damaged SUP board rails and improve their look.

NorthShore RSPro Tatau Rail Savers

NorthShore RSPro Tatau Rail Savers

Attractive & Lightweight!

The NorthShore RSPro Tatau Rail Savers boasts an attractive design while being lightweight.

Similar to the RSPro stripes, It’s an excellent rail guard to cover up old scratches and damages on your board’s rails. However,  it sports a tattoo pattern over a clear base which matches a wider variety of modern hardshell paddleboards.

In addition, it features 380 microns PVC lenticular materials. Thus, it’s pretty lightweight.

Moreover, it’s sturdy enough to protect the rails from high impact and accidental scrapes.


Another fantastic rail guard that protects and improves the look of your SUP board. 

SUPSmart Texturized Non-Abrasive Rail Tape

SUPSmart Texturized Non-Abrasive Rail Tape

Texturized & Easy-to-install!

Unlike the previous two tapes, the SUPSmart Texturized Non-Abrasive Rail Tape is transparent with simple texture and abrasion-resistant construction.

Moreover, it’s about 84 inches long and 3.5-4 inches wide.

This way, it’ll fit most paddleboard rails without needing too many adjustments. Additionally, this tape is long enough to reach the nose of your SUP board. Thus, it offers better protection than the shorter tapes when paddling on choppy waters.

Also, this tape comes with a strategical design to reduce air bubbles while installing it. So, you’ll spend less time applying it to your favorite watercraft.

Aside from these, the tape is pretty popular among the paddleboard rental businesses. After all, it can help safeguard the rails of a wide variety of SUP boards.


A reliable rail tape for paddling in rough, choppy waters.

AQUBONA Clear Stand Up Paddle Rail Guards

AQUBONA Clear Stand Up Paddle Rail Guards

Simple & Affordable!

The AQUBONA Clear Stand Up Paddle Rail Guards offers a simple textured, translucent design that makes it pretty affordable while effectively protecting the rails.

Additionally, this tape is lightweight and highly resistant to impact-based damages.

Moreover, it comes with crystalline adhesive for ease of installation. However, you will still need to apply it with care at room temperature. Furthermore, the glue needs about 24 hours to correctly secure the tape on your board.

Also, you can use a tailgate rack in combination with this rail guard to safely transport your paddleboards over long distances.

To learn more about these SUP tailgate racks, check out the best paddleboard tailgate rack.


A more affordable yet effective rail guard for paddleboards.

A Few Tips & Tricks To Keep Your SUP Board Safe

Not all SUP boards are equal. Significantly, epoxy or fiberglass boards are more prone to getting scratched or damaged from accidental paddle strikes, falls. But, these boards offer the best performance for the paddling experts.

So, you may want to use a suitable rail guard to extend the lifespan of your favorite board.

Aside from the guards, you can also use SUP board covers, racks to properly store and transport the watercraft. Plus, if you own a soft-top board, it may take severe damage if left in the open under the sun.

Therefore, using a few accessories and a bit of caution will ensure your paddleboard will last for years and offer excellent performance.

Bottom Line For Best Paddle Board Rail Guards

Maintaining a hard-shelled paddleboard takes some effort. But, with a suitable rail guard, you will have a far easier time protecting your watercraft.

Nonetheless, the tapes have different characteristics, and some of these guards require a bit of skill to install. However, once you have completed these steps, you’ll be free to paddle the rough waters without too much worry.

But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, pick up one of these top-notch paddleboard rail guards today and enjoy your next SUP adventure!

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