Best Paddle Board UV Covers

by Kyle
Best Paddle Board UV Covers

Paddleboarding is an excellent way to explore and enjoy the water. But, the UV rays of the sun can damage your SUP board over time and ruin your weekend!

With that in mind, you may want to get a UV cover for your favorite paddleboard. 

Fortunately, there are several types of these covers available in the market. Plus, they come in various sizes. Moreover, some are flexible enough to fit a wide range of board shapes and lengths. 

Therefore, you’re sure to find a UV cover out there that meets your needs!

So, in this post, we’ll go over some of the best paddleboard UV covers and figure out what makes them so exceptional.

Afterward, as a bonus, we’ll share a few tips and tricks to help you pick the most suitable SUP board cover.

VAMO 4-Way Stretch Paddleboard UV Cover

VAMO 4-Way Stretch Paddleboard UV Cover

Cooler & Efficient!

The VAMO 4-Way Stretch Paddleboard UV Cover offers a perfect balance between breathability and sunray protection. 

It can keep your SUP board thirty degrees cooler even in scorching hot weather.

Moreover, the four-way stretch fabric lets the cover fit snugly to your board as long as the watercraft isn’t too oversized. Plus, with this cover, you won’t have to worry about your epoxy or carbon top board getting damaged by the UV rays.

Furthermore, the double enclose and 360 degrees bungee makes it easy to use, even for beginners.

Additionally, the breathable nature of the cover fabric lets the board dry out while protecting against the sun. 

This way, you can even carry the SUP board on top of your car, and it still won’t get damaged from the hot water that may have clung to it!

However, it works best if your paddleboard is about 12 feet 6 inches to 14 inches long. 

So, you can effortlessly protect the standard, rigid touring or hybrid board with this SUP cover.

To learn more about these rigid SUP boards, check out the best solid paddleboards.


The overall best paddleboard UV cover.

Red Original SUP Board Cover

Red Original SUP Board Cover

Safe & Durable!

Red Paddle Co’s SUP board cover not only protects your paddleboard from the UV rays it’s also sturdy enough to withstand accidental impacts and falls with minimal damage.

After all, this cover features UPF 50+ fabric that’s highly UV resistant and durable!

Moreover, it comes with daisy chain rail webbing. With it, you can quickly secure the board on the deck of a boat or to the roof rack of your car.

In addition, its fabric is pretty breathable. This way, your SUP board can still dry out even after you have covered it. So, water forming molds on the surface of the craft are very unlikely.

Furthermore, it has reinforced slots for the paddleboard’s nose and fin. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the cover getting damaged quickly.

Nevertheless, this cover works best when you use it on a ride, sport, or voyager SUP board. In other words, it’s ideal for paddleboards with a length of 10’6″ to 12’6″.

Also, it protects your solid SUP from discoloration and inflated iSUP from getting damaged due to the heat.


The best UV cover for paddleboarders who use boats or other similar watercraft to reach the paddleboarding area.

Victory Koredry SUP Board UV Cover

Victory Koredry SUP Board UV Cover

Easy-to-Use & Portable!

The Victory Koredry offers a UV SUP cover that is beginner-friendly and lightweight. Unlike the standard paddleboard covers, this one can stretch up to 1.5 feet!

Plus, the koredry fabric keeps your board cooler on a summer day while letting it dry off at the same time.

But, what makes it stand out is the ease of use. Due to its simple design and conforming nature, even young paddleboarders can carry and use it with minimal hassle.

Furthermore, it protects your favorite board from minor abrasions and discoloration.

However, this cover is most suitable for boards that are about 9’6″ to 11′ in length. Any other board may not receive the optimal protection that this cover offers.


The ideal UV cover for beginners and young paddlers.

Adventure Wild Board Sock Cover

Adventure Wild Board Sock Cover

Versatile & Safe!

Whether it’s a SUP, Surf, or Wakeboard, the Adventure Wild Board Sock Cover will protect it from the UV rays and dings.

Plus, each of these socks can fit your specific paddleboards pretty quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, the reinforced nose of this cover is suitable for boards that may have a pointy, flat, hybrid, or all-arounder shape. Also, the drawstrings close at the bottom, so it’s easy to use.

This way, you can apply this UV cover to almost any type of paddleboard, and it’ll also protect your watercraft from yellowing.

Moreover, the material is thick enough to survive accidental impact-based damages. Thus, it will last for years. 

Furthermore, it comes with extra storage space for your paddleboarding accessories.


An ideal UV cover for paddleboarders who uses several different types of SUP boards.

Victory SUP Board Cover

Victory SUP Board Cover

Sizable & Durable!

Unlike the 9’6″ to 11′ Victory Koredry, this 14′ Victory SUP board cover is less versatile. But, it’s way more suitable for racing, touring paddleboards.

It features double-knit fabric that minimizes oxidization and sunlight exposure.

Moreover, you’ll no longer have to worry about loose straps and ties with one of these. After all, the material of the stretchy cover will fit your watercraft tightly, and you can quickly slip it on or off with little to no hassle.

In addition, the fabric of this cover is highly moisture resistant, and it’s pretty sturdy. So, you can even wash it in a machine!

However, while it also suits foils, kayaks, and surfboards, it’s better to use it for your more lengthy paddleboards.


An excellent choice for paddlers who wish to participate in SUP races or go on expeditions.

BEST Marine Kayak, Paddleboard Cover

BEST Marine Kayak, Paddleboard Cover

Affordable & Low-Maintenance!

The BEST Marine & Outdoors Kayak Paddleboard Cover is not only affordable it also requires very little maintenance.

After all, this UV cover features 210D polyester along with sturdy straps and buckles.

Nonetheless, due to these straps, buckles, it takes a while to secure this cover on a SUP board. But, afterward, it’ll fit snugly and stay in place even in rough weather.

Moreover, its fabric is durable, and you won’t need to look after it very often as long as you store your watercraft indoors. But, unlike most of the other UV paddleboard covers, this one is not suitable for extended use outdoors.

Thus, while water droplets will slide off of this cover, the rainwater will seep inside if they can form a puddle. 

Furthermore, you’ll drastically reduce its lifespan if you leave the cover too long under the sun.


This UV cover is suitable for paddleboards that need UV or rainwater protection for short periods.

A Few Tips & Tricks To Pick The Best SUP Board Cover

Picking the best SUP board cover becomes pretty easy if you pay close attention to a few factors.

For instance,

  • You may want to look for a UV cover that has breathable fabric. This way, you can cover your board right after your paddling session without drying it off.
  • Afterward, you’ll also get many benefits if the cover uses bungee cords and stretchy fabrics instead of straps and buckles.
  • This way, you can use the covers more efficiently, and they’ll fit better.
  • Last but not least, covers with a reinforced nose, tail, and fin slot will last longer than the standard ones.

Aside from these, you can also go with a see-through cover for your paddleboard. While these are not as practical as the UV covers in the list, they make your board look more stylish!

However, the plastic-based covers will most likely get damaged quickly due to the heat. Thus, it’s better to go with one of the double-knit fabric-based covers.

To learn more about helpful SUP accessories, check out the best inflatable paddleboard accessories.

Bottom Line For Best Paddle Board UV Cover

The watersport of paddleboarding is a popular summer activity that people of all ages, heights can enjoy. 

However, some paddleboarders are not aware of the need to protect their favorite board from the sun’s UV rays. Therefore, a yellowed board with molten wax can quickly ruin the day for them!

Thus, the best way to avoid this is to use one of these ultra-violet (UV) covers on your board.

So, pick up one of these top-quality paddleboard UV covers, and try it out today!

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