Best SUP Bags

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Best SUP Bags

If you have recently purchased a paddleboard, it might be time to look into protecting your paddle board with a SUP Bag. To make things easy for you, our experts at Paddle Board Nation put together a list of the Best SUP Bags. Check out these amazing paddle board bags below:

Retrospec Ruck Sack SUP Bag

Retrospec Ruck Sack

Retrospec Ruck Sack is a top-rated SUP bag, mostly preferred because of its heavy-duty wheels and backpack straps. Besides being a budget option SUP bag, the Retrospec Ruck Sack has excellent features that allow it to carry all your SUP accessories/attachments and keep your paddleboard safe without becoming bulky or heavy.

The SUP bag can fit nearly all paddle boards because of its creative and spacious design. Besides this, the Retrospec Ruck Sack also offers generous storage space, making it the perfect option for carrying all your SUP accessories/attachments, like paddleboard leash, paddle, and more.

Another excellent feature to note is the heavy-duty wheels. These wheels enhance ease of movement, making this SUP bag the best one to carry at any airport. Moreover, it makes its transport hassle-free because of its adjustable shoulder-design straps.

With this SUP bag, you can distribute your load evenly on the body using the torso strap. Also, note that Ten Toes applies durable nylon as the primary material. This material plays a critical role in keeping your paddleboard safe from dents, drops, and bumps.


●     Incredibly spacious

●     Easy to transport and portable


●     Poorly designed zippers and straps


Retrospec Ruck Sack is the SUP bag to consider if you’re looking for one that you can carry in two ways.

SUP-Now Inflatable Bag

SUP-Now Inflatable Bag

Another commendable SUP bag is the SUP-Now Inflatable Bag. It’s the most preferred SUP bag because of its design that supports SUP boards. Some of the top-notch features that make this bag the perfect option include the durable material, wheels, reliable handles, and padded backpack straps.

SUP-Now Inflatable Bag is the right choice for the board because it can keep it safe from all damages. In addition, you can carry this SUP bag easily, meaning you can’t get burdened/exhausted.

Remember, you don’t need to carry this backpack at all times because it features wheels. Just use the wheels whenever moving it from one position to another. This feature is also one reason behind the aesthetic nature of this bag.

The padded handles ensure you remain comfortable while carrying this SUP bag around. Besides this, the soft straps cannot strain your fingers or hands. The bag also features a side pocket that you use to keep your paddle and the board separately.

Moreover, you can use the side pocket to store things, such as food items, accessories, and more. However, remember to put away the bag’s shoulder straps whenever carrying your board using wheels. Through this, you’ll prevent the wheels from getting dirty.

The bag’s size also makes it the perfect option for all stand-up paddleboards without considering if they are small or big.


●     It comes with a side pocket for storing the paddle

●     Suitable for all boards

●     You can carry it in various ways

●     Padded handles and straps

●     A reliable and quality SUP bag


●     No mesh netting


Each customer who has used this SUP bag feels satisfied with it. It doesn’t feature any negative feedback. Besides this, SUPers also rate this SUP bag as a lifesaver because they can carry it comfortably. Moreover, the bag keeps cars free from sand and ensures boards remain safe.

Curve SUP Bag

Curve SUP Bag

Curve SUP Bag is the SUP bag to consider if you’re after a heavy-weight one. It’s known to be one of the SUP bags with the thickest padding because of its foam padding measuring 10mm. Generally, the Curve SUP Bag is one of the ideal SUP bags.

Besides this, the Curve SUP Bag comes in various sizes, meaning it’s easy to choose the one that suits all your needs. The sizes range from 9 inches to 14 inches. Most people prefer this backpack because the paddle has been built into the SUP bag and offers more padding protection to the blade.

It’s the best SUP bag out there, featuring extra handles, shoulder strap, and non-slip adjustable features. These features ensure you carry the bag around with less hassle. It’s also a top-notch SUP bag in the market because of the high-quality zippers and buckles and vent air vents that cool your board.


●     A durable and high-quality bag

●     Full-length zip

●     Vents that facilitate air circulation

●     More handles


●     Expensive


Curve SUP Bag is a top-rated SUP bag that seems to exceed the expectations of the users. Most users love it.



The BPS iSUP bag is the perfect option if you want to carry an inflatable paddleboard. It’s the right choice for this use because of its several paddleboarder-friendly features.

Besides this, the BPS iSUP bag works well with several iSUPs, making it a versatile bag. In addition, the ample dimensions measuring 39.37 inches by 17.72 inches by 14.17 inches ensure you get much internal storage.

Moreover, the overall BPS iSUP Bag design resembles traditional bags, meaning you can carry it around with less hassle. It’s a versatile SUP bag that can carry rolled-up SUPs measuring 36 inches wide and 12.6 inches high. Remember, this does not include the pump. Prepare yourself to fit in more accessories for the smaller boards.

A comfortable carrying design is another excellent feature of this SUP bag. It features a backpack-like design that allows even distribution of weight across the shoulders, reducing the load you need to carry. As a result, this feature makes the SUP bag more comfortable when using it for longer distances or heavier boards.

The several carrying options also make this SUP bag the perfect choice. In addition, the bag features straps on its rear, side, and top portion. Here, you can carry the SUP bag in all ways – you can select any position that suits your needs.


●     Several carrying options

●     Comfortable  carrying design

●     Versatile size


●     Lacks durability


As per the customers, the BPS iSUP bag is the perfect option if you want to carry an inflatable paddleboard. It’s the right choice for this use because of its several paddleboarder-friendly features.

Tower iSUP backpack

Tower iSUP backpack

Tower iSUP Backpack is a spacious SUP bag created to fit boards measuring up to 168 inches or 14 feet. Besides accommodating your iSUP, the Tower iSUP Backpack can also accommodate more boarding accessories like towels and more miscellaneous items.

This large bag also comes with sturdy carry handles. However, don’t expect this SUP bag to give you the convenience associated with the center handles. 

Other excellent features include the snaps/Velcro closure and a bungee system located at the bag’s front side.

These features make it easy to carry the paddleboarding accessories with less hassle. Most everyday users recommend this SUP bag because it offers all the benefits they need while transporting to different places.

The bungee plays a critical role in carrying various accessories like towels. Besides this, the backpack straps make it easy to store water and more critical accessories.

For optimal breathability, this SUP bag maximizes the side-panel screen mesh. This screen mesh allows air to flow freely inside the bag while helping to dry your iSUP gear at the same time.


●     Lightweight

●     Spacious

●     Easy to carry


●     Not the best for flight as a result of mesh


Tower Paddle Boards created this SUP bag to deliver maximum comfort. The middle buckle straps around the chest, promoting optimal weight distribution across the chest.

Why Should You Use A SUP Bag?

Paddle bags perform two primary functions. First, these bags ensure your car interiors remain clean and free from dirt – which accumulates after some time. Secondly, paddle bags ensure your paddles don’t get damaged as you transport them.

Thankfully, the current market features several SUP bags that come in various sizes and shapes. However, it’s still not easy to choose the best SUP Bags for your paddle boards. But we hope that his blog helped point you in the right direction so that you can decide which is the best for you.

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