Best Tempe Town Lake Paddle Board Rentals

by Kyle
Best Tempe Town Lake Paddle Board Rentals

Are you looking for a fun way to spend your day? Try Tempe Town Lake paddleboard rentals. This way, you will have a unique opportunity to explore the inland waters and enjoy nature.

Moreover, this will be an exhilarating experience, and it’s also a good exercise that is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Plus, no matter what type of paddleboarding adventure you’re looking for, you’ll find something here to suit your needs!

Therefore, in this post, we’ll take an in-depth look at Tempe Town Lake paddleboard rentals to figure out what makes them so exceptional.

Why Go For Tempe Town Lake Paddle Board Rentals?

Why Go For Tempe Town Lake Paddle Board Rentals?

Tempe Town Lake is probably among the best places for paddleboard rentals in Arizona. With its crystal blue waters and scenic beauty, it just has so much to offer for all the paddleboarders!

If you are looking for some recreational SUPing, this lake won’t let you down. Here, you can even bring your entire family and enjoy paddling safely.

It can be a great way to start your week!

Plus, if you want to burn those extra calories, you can do so quickly while paddling your ranted board in the lake’s waters.

This exercise is low impact. Thus, you can effortlessly tone it up or down to suit your needs.

Moreover, the SUP rentals are in strategic locations. So, you will have an easier time carrying the board to the water.

As such, you can enjoy more time paddling and less time lugging a heavy SUP board around.

In addition, if you want a relaxing day in the water, the rentals can point you towards the ideal places to paddleboard.

You might not even need to use your strength too much. Simply lying down on the board and letting the wind and the waves pass will reduce your stress and help you focus better.

In a nutshell, you can’t go wrong with Tempe Town Lake Paddle Board Rentals!

Where To Rent Paddle Boards In Tempe Town Lake?

Where To Rent Paddle Boards In Tempe Town Lake?

There are numerous spots for paddleboard rentals near Tempe Town Lake. You can quickly get a board you are comfortable with from these rentals.

Let’s take a look at the top three best Tempe Town Lake Paddle Board Rentals.

Northshore Watersport Rentals

Northshore Watersport Rentals


The Northshore Watersport is a family-owned boat/paddleboard rental near the north end of Tempe Town Lake. In the front of this company, there’s a blue surfboard chair and a white surfboard sign that says SUP & Kayak.

It’s a rental business that will provide you with high-quality service at a reasonable price.

How To Get Here?

If you are going to the north shore of the lake, you can find the Northshore Watersport Rentals at the Vela Apartments.

To get here from Scottsdale,  first, you need to take the N. 68th ST. until you reach South Scottsdale. Afterward, you can follow the N Collage Ave road and cross the Papago Park Village.

Here, opposite the Tempe town lake parking, you will find the Vela Apartments!

Near the apartments of 555 collage ave, you will quickly notice the sign for SUP & Kayak that stands for the Northshore Watersport Rentals.

Price Of Rentals?

It has Kayaks, SUPs, and E-bikes for rentals. These crafts are rented out based on time limits. All of these crafts are pretty popular due to the location of the lake.

The business is highly versatile. Thus, it offers various packages to suit your needs.

There is a small SUP package with $21 for 60 minutes. It’s excellent for those who want to try out the sport before committing to extended paddling.

The medium package is $23 for 90 minutes. With it, you can enjoy an entire paddling session without much hurry.

And finally, the giant package that offers you a SUP board for $35. You can take the whole day to go paddleboarding where you want!

However, you will need a reservation if you want to rent from this business after 6 pm.

What Does Northshore Watersport Rentals Have To Offer?

The Northshore Watersport Rentals has diversified to offer a full range of services, with the ability to operate on the water or the land.

It provides high-quality services at affordable prices. Whether you want a paddleboard, e-bike, or kayak, this rental has you covered.

Moreover, you won’t even need to carry a heavy kayak, SUP board to the water any longer. After all, this rental business can deliver your craft to wherever you need as long as you give them a call.

Plus, it has overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with this rental!

Tempe Boat Rentals

Tempe Boat Rentals


The Tempe Boat Rentals is a business on the south side of Tempe town lake. It’s more versatile and less expensive than the Northshore Watersport Rentals.

It also has money-saving memberships if you are a frequent paddler!

How To Get Here?

If you are going to the lake’s south shore, you can first take the W Rio Salado Pkwy to reach downtown Tempe.

Afterward, you can either go through the Rio Salado Park or head for the Tempe Bridge from here on out.

You will find the Tempe Boat Rentals near the south end of the bridge. To be more specific, you can search for 80 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281.

Price Of Rentals?

You can rent both high-performance epoxy boards and iSUPs from here. There are also two packages for you to choose from depending on your paddleboarding needs.

The first package will give you a SUP board for $20 per hour. It’s ideal for starters who wish to learn the basics and enjoy a brisk paddling session.

In contrast, the second package is more efficient. You will get a SUP board for two hours for $30 only. This way, you can paddle in peace and have a more fulfilling SUPing experience.

However, there is no rental for the entire day. Nevertheless, fortunately, both packages are relatively affordable.

What Does Tempe Boat Rentals Have To Offer?

Tempe Boat Rentals has a wide range of watercraft for paddlers of all ages and heights. They also offer excellent customer service.

From Monday to Thursday, the business will be open from 10 am to 6 pm. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, they will operate from 10 am to 8 pm for your convenience.

Aside from these, they will also offer you beginners lessons for paddleboarding if you require.

Riverbound Sports Phoenix Area Kayak And Paddleboard Rental

Riverbound Sports Phoenix Area Kayak And Paddleboard Rental


Riverbound Sports is the award-winning paddleboard rental of Arizona. It’s one of the largest rentals you will find near the Tempe town lake.

However, its services are also relatively more expensive.

How To Get Here?

To reach the business from downtown Tempe, you can follow the S Mill Ave until you come across the E University Dr. This road will take you straight to Arizona State University.

You will need to keep going till you reach the APS Ocotillo Power Plant. Afterward, you can take a turn and go towards the University Plaza.

Just after passing the Plaza, you should be able to locate the Riverbound Sports Paddle Company across the road.

Price Of Rentals?

It has reasonably priced half-day, full-day, and extended paddleboard rental packages.

Whether you choose a solid SUP or an inflatable, you can get your paddleboard for half a day for $30.

In contrast, the entire day package will cost you about $40, but you will get much more out of it.

Moreover, you can extend the period of rental pretty quickly with smooth communication with the customer service.

What Does Riverbound Sports Phoenix Area Kayak And Paddleboard Rental Have To Offer?

The Riverbound Sports Paddleboard Rental is like a one-stop-shop for all your paddleboarding needs. It has a massive number of boards and kayaks, and the collection keeps growing with time.

Plus, they take your safety very seriously. You will be amazed at the PFD and Sup leash quality that comes with your rented board!

As a bonus, they also offer both in-shop pickup and drop-off services. In case you need it, they will provide you with instructions for the basics of paddling.

Further, if you want to take an epoxy board, they will give you an autorack at no extra charge.

Thus, this stands to be one of the best paddleboard rentals near Tempe town lake.

In short, if you plan to paddle on the south side of the lake, you can rent a SUP from Tempe Boat Rentals. They even offer instructions for beginner-level paddleboarders.

On the other hand, when paddling on the north side of the lake, you will find it easier to rent from Northshore Watersport Rentals. 

Or, if you are going to Phoenix Area, you can get your boards from Riverbound Sports Kayak And Paddleboard Rental near the Arizona State University. 

Aside from these, there are plenty of other SUP rentals that you can choose. No matter where you are and how you wish to paddle, chances are, there is a paddleboard rental for you. 

The Types Of SUP Boards Available For Rentals

The Types Of SUP Boards Available For Rentals

The Tempe Town Lake Paddle Board Rentals offers a wide range of products, from solid epoxy boards to inflatable SUPs.

If you are a seasoned SUPer, you may want to rent a solid board. Typically, it’s harder to control and paddle than an iSUP, but it also offers better overall performance.

In contrast, for paddlers with beginner or intermediate skill levels, an iSUP is the ideal option. 

After all, an inflatable board is usually easier to handle and paddle. Plus, these boards are less likely to get damaged due to rookie mistakes.

The right SUP board can quickly make your day. An unsuitable board can also just as effortlessly ruin your weekend.

Therefore, take your time and consider your skill level before picking your board. Fortunately, most rentals keep their iSUPs inflated so you can get a clear picture of the SUP you will be paddling.

Safety Guide For Tempe Town Lake Paddle Board Rentals

While Tempe Town Lake is relatively safe for paddleboarding, you will still need to follow a few rules and regulations.

Let’s take a look,

  • You will need to wear a Coast Guard certified PFD to paddle your board in the lake legally.
  • A type I, II, III, or V life jacket will offer you excellent safety and a boost of confidence.
  • Afterward, try to secure a sturdy safety leash for your SUP. With a coiled leash, you can pull the board back to yourself in case you fall in the water.
  • SUPing for a long time can be exhausting. So, remember to take short breaks in between intense paddling sessions.
  • Prepare food, drinking water, and paddling gear before you set out on your SUP adventure.
  • This way, you will be able to combat dehydration and replenish energy out in the water.

Practicing the paddleboarding basics before SUPing in deep waters is also a good idea. 

Moreover, ensure that you know the emergency warnings and navigational rules depending on where and when you paddle. There are cases where paddleboarders often need to give way to commercial watercraft and safety craft. 

A Few Paddleboarding Tips & Tricks To Try Out In Tempe Town Lake

Paddleboarding in Tempe Town Lake is exciting. But, there are ways to improve your holiday experience even further.

For instance,

  • You can launch your SUP board from the marina or the boat beach if you bring a car. Here, you can park the vehicle safely and walk a little distance to get the board in the water.
  • If you secure a paddleboard light, you can enjoy paddling in the sunrise and sunset hours. These times will offer you a magical view of the lake.
  • The Independence Day Celebration in Tempe Town Lake includes some fantastic fireworks if you visit during the 4th of July.
  • Paddling to the middle of the lake can offer you an unforgettable experience while you enjoy the celebration.

Before you decide to paddle in the lake, you may want to find a locale paddler or an experienced guide. They can quickly point you towards the best locations for paddleboarding.

However, take care not to swim too much in the water. After all, it’s a still body of water that is susceptible to thermal pollution.

Bottom Line For Tempe Town Lake Paddle Board Rentals

Paddleboard rentals at Tempe Town Lake make it easier for you to enjoy the watersport. If you know the basics and follow a few safety precautions, you will have a smooth paddleboarding experience.

You will also find beginner courses for paddleboarders near the lake, which will facilitate your learning process.

Plus, the lake wind feels incredible against your skin as you glide across the surface, almost like a massage!

All in all, you don’t know what you’re missing until you experience it firsthand. 

So, don’t forget to try out Tempe Town Lake Paddle Board Rentals on your next weekend!

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