Best Trolling Motors For Paddle Boards

by Kyle
Best Trolling Motors For Paddle Boards

The watersport of paddleboarding has evolved over the last few years. With this evolution came new and exciting ways to enjoy this sport even more!

One such innovative way is to add a trolling motor to your favorite SUP board. 

After all, not only does this motor assist you to go further than ever before, it also keeps you safe from the many dangers of the deep waters.

However, since many available trolling motors can support your paddleboard, it can be pretty challenging to find one that suits your needs the best.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the best paddleboard trolling motors with that in mind.

Afterward, as a bonus, we’ll share a few tips and tricks to pick the best motor for your paddleboarding sessions!

Watersnake T24 ASP Electric Saltwater Trolling Motor

Watersnake T24 ASP Electric Saltwater Trolling Motor

Sturdy & Simple!

Thee Watersnake T24 ASP Electric Saltwater Trolling Motor offers a sturdy yet simple design with an aluminum scissor mount and a two-bladed weedless propeller.

It provides 24 lbs or 10.8 kg of thurst, and it’s more suitable for calm water paddling sessions.

As such, it has enough power to propel almost any paddleboards at a decent speed. Plus, it’s pretty lightweight. So, the standard SUP boards will support this motor effortlessly.

In addition, you can power it with a 12V battery pack.

Moreover, it has a transom mount. This way, you can install it on your paddleboard without needing to purchase separate support accessories.

However, while its bracket has an excellent design, you may need to modify it a bit to suit your watercraft. But, its compact size makes it a perfect trolling motor for going on short SUP fishing trips with a typical paddleboard.

To learn more about these angling SUPs, check out the best fishing paddleboards.


The overall best trolling motor for standard paddleboards.

Waterblade 12v Electric Trolling Motor

Waterblade 12v Electric Trolling Motor

Safe & Easy to Use!

A propeller safety cage and special clamps make the Waterblade 12v Electric Trolling Motor safer and easier to use.

It boasts 62 lbs or 28 kg of thrust and performs well even in rough weather.

This power is enough to push or pull even the more giant paddleboards efficiently. Thus, it can support most traveling and family-oriented SUP boards.

Furthermore, you can power this motor with a 12V battery, and it’s pretty easy to install due to the clamps. Also, you can rotate the engine’s head to either provide a pushing or pulling force for your watercraft.

Additionally, its propeller has a cage to protect the blades from impact-based damages, and it provides a bit more safety to the young paddleboarders.

In contrast, this motor is quite heavy, so you will need a massive or highly-buoyant paddleboard to use it effectively.


An excellent trolling motor for massive paddleboards.

Newport Vessels L-Series Transom Mounted Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor

Newport Vessels L-Series Transom Mounted Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor

Efficient & Versatile!

The Newport Vessels L-Series Electric Trolling Motor presents a near-perfect balance between efficiency and versatility.

It offers 62 lbs or 28 kg of propulsion and performs well in almost any weather condition.

Furthermore, the construction of this motor includes zinc, magnesium, and stainless steel, so it’s excellent for saltwater trips.

Moreover, it comes with a composite fiberglass shaft that keeps the motor lightweight.

As such, this device is very efficient for most paddleboards. After all, SUP boards usually have a limited carrying capacity, and if you put extra weight on them, the craft will suffer severe performance issues.

Also, this engine has a six-inch telescoping handle and eight speeds. 

This way, you can quickly alternate between five forward and three reverse speeds with the ergonomic handle for better versatility.


The ideal trolling motor for expert paddleboarders.

Watersnake Venom SX 12V 54 LBS Thrust Electric Trolling Motor

Watersnake Venom SX 12V 54 LBS Thrust Electric Trolling Motor

Durable & Angler Friendly!

A stainless steel propeller and composite shaft make the Watersnake Venom SX 12V Electric Trolling Motor highly durable and angler friendly.

It provides 54 lbs or 24.4 kg of propulsion and functions effectively in most weather conditions.

Furthermore, it sports corrosion-resistant construction materials. Thus, you can use it for saltwater paddleboarding without too much worry. 

Also, its design, superior engineering make it pretty quiet in the water!

This way, you can sneak up on most fishes and their favorite hiding spots. Nonetheless, you will need a decent 12V battery pack to power this motor. But, fortunately, its multi-tilt bracket will let you have more control over the device.

As such, a fishing SUP board with high buoyancy and a lot of space would be the perfect watercraft for this engine.


A reliable trolling motor for SUP fishing trips.

AQUOS Haswing 85 LBS Transom Trolling Motor

AQUOS Haswing 85 LBS Transom Trolling Motor

Powerful & Versatile!

The AQUOS Haswing 85 LBS Transom Trolling Motor boasts an incredible amount of power and versatility.

It offers 85 lbs or 38.5 kg of thurst, and it can operate well in most waters.

Additionally, it comes with an advanced 24V motor and step-less speed control that supports a wide range of watercraft.

Moreover, you can quickly tilt this device in and out of the water. Furthermore, it has an easy-to-use lock system that lets you adjust its height to suit your needs. 

This way, you can use this motor in deep and shallow waters without too much hassle. Plus, it is corrosion-resistant and sturdy so you can rely on it for long-distance paddleboarding expeditions.

Nonetheless, it requires a 24V battery pack to function. Thus, you’ll need to ensure that your board has enough space to support this engine.

Still, you can use this motor and a SUP anchor to raise your paddleboarding experience to the next level.

To learn more about SUP anchors, check out the best paddleboard anchor.


The best trolling motor for massive paddleboards.

A Few Tips & Tricks To Choosing The Best SUP Board Trolling Motor

Not all paddleboard trolling motors are equal. Thus, some engines will perform better than others.

So, when choosing the best trolling motor for your paddleboard, there are a few things you need to consider.

As such, here’s a few tips and tricks to choosing the best one that meets your needs,

  • A trolling motor that offers 24 lbs or less thrust is primarily suitable for calm inland waters.
  • On the other hand, if you plan to paddle the waves and cut through the whitecaps, you may need a device with 54 lbs or more propulsion.
  • In addition, the weight of the motor may impact your SUP board’s performance. 
  • As such, adding a lightweight engine would be best for most paddleboards. 

Besides these, you can quickly find crucial details about the trolling motor on the user manuals that comes with these devices. 

Also, the world of paddleboards has evolved a lot. So, nowadays, you can quickly find E-SUP boards that perform exceptionally well with their integrated motors.

Bottom Line For Best Trolling Motor For Paddle Board

Whether you’re an expert paddler or a beginner learning the ropes, the paddleboard trolling motor is sure to assist you on your journey. 

Plus, the water can be pretty unpredictable. Thus, having a reliable backup like the trolling motor will give you a boost of confidence when you’re heading out on the deep waters.

However, an unsuitable engine can quickly ruin the day for you and your family. Thus, take your time and choose carefully. 

Afterward, you’ll be free to explore the waters far more efficiently.

So, get your new paddleboard trolling motor today and enjoy your next SUP adventure!

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