How Fast Can You Paddle Board?

by Kyle
How Fast Can You Paddle Board?

Let’s all face the fact that everyone wants to go faster on a paddle board. But how fast can you go on a paddle board? Well this actually isn’t as easy of a question to answer as you would expect. This is because there are lots of factors which affect how fast you can go on a paddle board including: the speed of the wind, the current, and the size of the waves. 

So in order to get a good estimate of how fast you can paddle board, keep on reading to learn about how you can estimate the speed at which you can paddle board.

How Fast Can You Paddle A SUP?

For most people, you can paddle board comfortably between 3 to 4 mph without much assistance and effort. If you want to go faster on your paddle board then you will need to make sure that you have all the correct gear, conditions and are in top physical shape. If you happen to have all the right factors for speed you will be able to go over 8 mph for a period of time.

What Factors Affect How Fast You Can Paddle Board?

As mentioned earlier, your speed can be influenced by other factors as well. Here are some factors you should consider when figuring out how fast you can paddle board.

Therefore, let’s not waste time and examine each factor separately.

Wind Speed

As you try to figure out your speed, you should be aware of the effects of the wind. It will determine whether you can paddle your board up to 12 mph or end up getting pushed backwards.

As you paddle board, the wind will both push against your board and push against you. While paddling against high winds, the paddler’s speed significantly decreases. On the other hand, paddling with your back to the wind is great and can really make a difference in your speed and effort needed to go a long distance.

Water Current

Depending on the current in the water, you will either accelerate or slow down. 

For example, if you re trying to paddle up a river river, it will take much more effort to move at a decent pace while paddling down stream you will paddle with ease.

Your Physical Fitness For Paddleboarding

Your Physical Fitness For Paddleboarding

It is no surprise that you will paddle faster and harder if you’re in better shape. Initially, you will not be able to go quite fast if you are a beginner at paddling or are trying to get in shape. 

After improving your paddling technique and fitness levels, you will be capable of paddling your SUP much faster. As a consequence, you will be able to glide easily through the water and you will gain speed as well.

How Far You Want To Paddleboard

The Distance You Paddleboard

Do you plan to travel 300 yards or 30 miles? It is almost certain that the average speed that you paddle for those two distances will be significantly different. The reason for this is that endurance will play a huge role in how fast you can paddle board.

As an example, sprinters typically run a 100-meter distance on land at 28 mph. If he could have maintained that speed, he could have finished a marathon in just one hour. 

Nevertheless, he cannot do so. In reality, professional marathon runners will be running at about 12 mph. As a result, it is essential to consider the distance traveled when calculating your paddle speed.

The Different Types Of Paddle Boards

SUP type is another factor that may affect your speed. So, let us not waste time and look at these types of SUP paddle boards below.

Which Type of Paddle Board Is The Fastest?

Hardshell Paddle Boards vs. Inflatable Paddle Boards

There are two main types of paddle boards to choose from, an inflatable paddle board and a hardshell paddle board. Is one faster than the other?

There is no doubt that inflatable paddle boards are lighter than traditional paddle boards, which might lead you to believe that they will travel faster. However, you would be wrong. 

The fact is that a hardshell board can glide farther with every stroke and is less affected by the winds than is an inflatable board. The difference in speed between the two is approximately 10% on most occasions. Which is a huge difference when you are trying to paddle long distances or race.

The traditional hardshell will almost always outperform inflatable paddle boards. Inflatable paddle boards are still useful when you are paddling downwind on a windy day.

If you want to go faster on your paddle board, you’d be better off buying a conventional hardshell board. 

What Shape Paddle Board Is The Fastest?

Touring Paddleboard vs. Surfing Paddleboard vs. Racing Paddleboard

After learning that hardshell paddle boards are faster than inflatable paddle boards, we must now decide which paddle board shape is fastest. When it comes to paddle board shapes, there are a few types, but most of them fall into three categories: Touring, Racing, and Surfing.

In case of speed, it would seem logical to assume that a racing board would be the best choice, and you are correct. 

Compared to touring or surfing boards, racing boards are generally considered to be faster. This is due to the fact that they have a design that allows the paddle board to cut through the water and glide much further with each stroke.

The Size Of The Paddleboard

Depending on how big the board is, your speed is considerably affected. If your SUP is the wrong size, you won’t get the best performance when it comes to speed.

When buying a board, you need to determine the volume and choose a size that will allow you to maneuver it easily through the water. With a paddle board of the right volume, the water will be displaced at the right level, allowing you to move faster.

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