How To Attach A Cooler To A Paddle Board

by Kyle
How To Attach A Cooler To A Paddle Board

The only thing better than paddle boarding on a hot day is having an ice cold drink while doing so, but how can you do that? Simple, attach a cooler to your paddle board! If you do not already have a cooler for your paddle board, here are some of the best paddle board coolers.

Attaching your favorite cooler to your paddle board may seem like a pretty simple task. However, if not done properly it just might ruin your day when hitting the waves, by spilling supplies or even sinking your cooler!

Depending on the type of the cooler it may have different features handgrip, single strap or even be like a backpack. Quite a lot of paddle boards feature a luggage net to place your gear and cooler and these are usually safe. But in reality we may often need to mount the cooler on the board ourselves with accessories. In such cases the cooler needs to be tied down with straps and be secured on the board with hooks and corner brackets.

In this post, we aim to provide you with secure ways, methods to mount or strap your cooler to your SUP with tie down accessories. 

Cooler Tied Down To A Paddleboard

How To Use A Cooler Tie Down Kit For Paddle Boards

If you have your Cooler and Tie Down Kit ready, than, it is time to install them on your paddle board. We are going to walk you through the process, step by step.

Do you have a pair of cam straps and vertical tie downs in your kit? 

If so, follow the steps bellow,

How To Tie Down A Cooler To A Paddle Board Using A Tie Down

  1. Take your vertical tie down and slide it on the cam strap
  2. Wrap the cam strap on the tie down point of your Cooler
  3. Slide the strap through the cam buckle
  4. Repeat the same process for the opposite side
  5. Hitch the vertical tie down to leash plug
  6. Pull the buckle and tighten the cam strap for both sides

How To Detach A Cooler To A Paddle Board Using A Tie Down

  1. Pull the buckle and loosen the cam strap
  2. Unhitch the vertical tie down

Best Cooler Tie Down Kits For Paddle Boards

K2 Coolers Tie Down Kit

With a heavyweight polypro embroidered strap the K2 Coolers Tie Down Kit ensures consistent stability for both your cooler and the paddle board. The strap can be used to mount the cooler wherever you need.

The Kit is made with stainless steel and marine grade hardware, all the while keeping the profile low.

K2 Coolers Tie Down Kit comes equipped with rollercam technology which makes the buckle easy to operate and have a low friction.

YYST Cooler Tie-Down Kit

With a hard shell paddle board of large size you might want to install a bigger cooler with extra space and the YYST Cooler Tie-Down kit is just perfect for the job.

The Kit comes with stainless steel cam buckles, two nylon straps, four screws and two steel deck loops. Tough UV resistant nylon webbing grants the straps considerable durability. Moreover, the pad eyes and cam buckles are made from marine grade stainless steel.

YYST features straps long enough to wrap around even the big coolers for paddle boards and its buckles and hooks are strong enough to secure a smooth ride.

AIEVE Cooler Tie Down Kit

AIEVE Cooler Tie Down Kit is yet another heavy duty, no rust, durable addition to your palled boarding experience. The kit is mostly suitable if you are going with the YETI coolers.

Marine grade stainless steel deck plates and cam buckles work together with nylon straps to make the Kit perfect for mounting the YETI Cooler on board.

When not in use, only the low profile deck plates remain, making it extremely hard to trip over. Once installed, the Kit is quite safe and is easy to use.

Kuuma 51960 Cooler Tie Down Strap Kit

The all in one tie down Kit by Kuuma is known for its strong, secure hold. Kuuma 51960 Cooler Tie Down Strap Kit is highly durable with the inclusion of two brackets, two straps and eight screws.

It is surprisingly easy to install the Kit and the hardware is resistant to rust, corrosion. 

Kuuma 51960 is made with travel in mind. The kit can withstand long journeys while keeping your cooler firmly fixed on spot.

Universal Cooler Tie-Down Strap Kit

As the name suggests, the Universal Cooler Tie-Down Strap Kit is compatible with a silly amount coolers and paddle boards. This premium quality Kit has a history of dramatically reducing cases of toe stubbing.

Universal Cooler Tie-Down Strap Kit comes equipped with durable straps, deck plates and screws. The materials for the hardware are marine grade stainless steel and heavy duty nylon. 

The Kit has excellent versatility and prevents sliding for a variety of Coolers. 

Alternate Paddle Board Cooler Options

If you are not a fan of bringing lots of supplies with you or paddling around cargo, than, for you there are certain alternatives to paddle board coolers. After all you may still want to enjoy a can of cold beverage in your paddling journey.  

The THURSO SURF SUP Deck Cooler is a great alternative for the heavier paddle board coolers. With a fitting lightweight build and a shoulder strap it can stay secure on your person.

Another fantastic alternative is the iROCKER SUP Cooler Deck Bag. It is soft-sided and can easily fit inside the bungee cold storage area of your boat.

A less viable substitute is the HSD Lunch Bag, Insulated Cooler. It has a larger size than the others but still has a removable shoulder strap. What truly makes it suitable as a proxy is the quality of being foldable. After it is emptied, you can just fold it and store easily.

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