How To Paddle Board With A Baby

by Kyle
How To Paddle Board With A Baby

Paddleboarding is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors. Plus, it offers plenty of ways for you and your little one to have fun in the sun!

However, paddling a SUP board with a baby can be challenging if you don’t know the basic rules and techniques. After all, it’s a pretty unique experience compared to the typical solo paddleboarding session.

So, we will take an in-depth look at the crucial steps of the process to ensure that you have a fun and safe experience paddling with a baby on the board.

Pick The Right SUP To Paddleboard With A Baby

Pick The Right SUP To Paddleboard With A Baby

With time, the world of paddleboarding has evolved. It’s grown to the point where you can quickly find numerous types of SUP boards on the market.

But, not all boards are equal, and you may want to pick one that’s suitable for bringing the baby along.

Therefore, in this section, we will cover how different types of boards can affect your child’s safety, as well as the type of paddling activity that each craft may be best suited for.

Hence, let’s view the process of picking the ideal SUP to paddleboard with a baby.

  • First of all, you may want to look for a board that offers excellent stability. The extra stable SUP will help you balance and paddle better while letting the baby sit safely.
  • One of the quickest ways to determine a board’s stability is to look at its width and maximum weight capacity.
  • A 30″ or more wide board with a high weight capacity will typically be more stable in the water.
  • Plus, such a board will comfortably carry the rider’s weight combined with the baby and the paddling gear.
  • Moreover, a board with an EVA foam deck-pad and textures will prevent your little one from accidentally falling off.

While durability is not as crucial as the other factors, having a sturdy board will allow you to withstand the rough waters. 

As such, at the very least, you would want a board with a strong enough core, rails, and surface coating to survive minor impacts.

Fortunately, these types of boards are designed specifically with families in mind so that they’re safe enough even if you have an infant or toddler along for the ride!

The proper Safety Measures To Paddleboard With Your Little One

The proper Safety Measures To Paddleboard With Your Little One

Safety is paramount when you paddle out in the water. It becomes even more crucial when you bring your little one for the adventure.

With this in mind, you may want to take some measures to keep your paddleboarding experience smoother and safer.

For instance,

  • You will need to ensure your child is wearing a Coast Guard certified PFD (personal floatation device) when they join you on your paddling trip.
  • If the baby has developed advanced motor skills, you may want to pick a life jacket that they can’t take off by themselves.
  • This way, even if the child is curious and accidentally falls off, you will have a better chance of saving them promptly.
  • It will also help if you wear a life vest yourself. After all, it can save you and the baby in case of an emergency.

To help you find the right PFD, check out our list of the Best PFDs for SUPS.

Aside from these, you can also use a child carry strap when paddleboarding.  However, you will have to be extra careful to balance yourself on the board and not hit the water.

In sporadic cases, the child may be sensitive to the sound and texture of the water. So, check if the baby has hydrophobia (fear of water) before planning your session.

Planning Your Course & Preparing The Paddling Gear For Yourself And the Baby

Looking for an excellent spot to launch your board while also carrying a baby can be pretty challenging. As such, a bit of planning and gear preparation will save you a lot of hassle when you paddleboard with a baby.

We may view the process,

  • Listening to the weather forecast will help you chose a relatively calm day for taking the junior on a SUP trip.
  • Bringing an adjustable paddle, coiled safety leash, and a backpack will make your paddling experience smoother.
  • Furthermore, you will need to prepare enough food, baby food, and plenty of drinking water.
  • These will let you battle exhaustion and dehydration while paddling the waves.

There are also specialized paddleboarding gear for the elderly and the young if you require them. 

For instance, you can consider an E-SUP for a more relaxed paddling session with your little one.

Moreover, you can look for a local paddleboarder or an experienced guide before heading out in the water. These people can quickly point you towards the safest, efficient spots where you can enjoy paddleboarding with the baby.

Practicing In Safe Waters Before Taking The Baby On A Paddleboarding Trip

Practicing In Safe Waters Before Taking The Baby On A Paddleboarding Trip

Paddleboarding skills are not necessarily hard to master, but it’s essential to practice the basics in safe waters when you wish to bring a child along.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the steps for practicing with a child in a safe environment to prepare them for their first paddleboarding trip!

  • Brushing up on the basic paddling techniques like the forward, backward, and sweep strokes while the baby sits on the board will help you adapt better.
  • Paddling while kneeling and then slowly standing up will offer you a greater understanding of balance.
  • In shallow waters, your mistakes will be less costly, and you will be able to keep the little one safe.
  • This way, you can also experiment with fin setups to figure out which one works best for you and the baby.

Even if you are a seasoned paddler, practicing the basics will prove helpful for you in the long run. Moreover, you will have an easier time in the open waters due to your prior experience.

Benefits Of Paddleboarding With A Baby

Paddling a board is a fun and exciting sport to enjoy with your baby. Plus, It’s one of the best ways for parents and their little ones to maintain healthy relationships.

In addition, it offers numerous physical, psychological benefits.

For instance,

  • Paddleboarding with a baby will assist you in developing a better sense of balance.
  • Typically, the rider will be paddling the board slowly when a junior is on the SUP, which becomes a relaxing experience.
  • Further, it will burn your extra calories and keep the baby engaged while you paddle.
  • As a result of experiencing these trips, the baby will also pick up paddleboarding skills early on.

In a nutshell, paddling with a baby may seem a bit restrictive, but it has many advantages. Therefore, as long as you are patient, you will be able to enjoy a healthy and happy weekend with your kids.

What To Do If Your Baby Falls Off The Paddle Board

What To Do If Your Baby Falls Off The Paddle Board

Babies are naturally curious, so you may want to prepare for the event where they fall off the board.

If you have been following the safety measures, your child should be relatively safe in the water wearing the PFD. However, it’s still necessary to act immediately to ensure they do not suffer any harm.

First of all, make sure their head is above the water. Then, support the baby with one hand. Use the other hand to pull the leash and bring the board closer.

Once you have the SUP board in close range, place the baby on the board securely. Afterward, hold the rails and get back up on the board.

You can also use accessories to keep the baby safe in the water. Additionally, a bright-colored life vest or cloth will help you spot them faster.

To learn more about this process, check out How To Get Back On A Paddleboard After Falling.

Bottom line For How To Paddle Board With A Baby

Paddleboarding with your baby is excellent for bonding and can be a fun way to get some exercise.

However, to prevent accidents and mishaps, you will need to select a suitable board. Afterward, you can prepare some safety measures and plan your trip.

Furthermore, you can practice paddling with the child on the SUP board in shallow, safe waters. As soon as you gain enough confidence, you will be amazed at how exciting the sport can be when shared with the little ones.

So, prepare your paddling gear and try paddleboarding with a baby today!

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