iRocker All-Around 11′ Review

by Kyle

iRocker All-Around 11′ Review








Ease of Transport





  • Great Board For Beginners
  • Lightweight


  • Mediocre Glide

If you are looking for an inflatable paddle board that won’t break your bank, then the iRocker All-Around 11′ might be the board for you! The iRocker All-Around 11′ is a new paddle board from iRocker that has proven itself to be a great bang for the buck. With that being said, we found that it is very stable, glides nicely, and even got 20% lighter than last year’s version! So if you are thinking about purchasing an inflatable paddle board this year, we highly recommend the iRocker All-Around 11′.


  • Triple Layer Construction
  • Included Backpack
  • Safety Handles
  • Redesigned Deck Pad
  • 21 D-Rings
  • Updated Pump
  • Additional Action Mounts Added
  • New Paddle

Performance Analysis


For an inflatable board, the iRocker stability is only bested by a few other boards that cost significantly more. With that being said, the iRocker All-Around 11′ is 11′ long x 32″ wide x 6″ tall and can easily handle flat water and chop from boat wakes.

Glide Performance

The glide performance on the iRocker 11 was good for an inflatable board on flat water but is not nearly as good as a hardtop board.


The maneuverability was very nice and easy enough for any beginner to make turns in any direction.

Ease of Transport

The iRocker 11 comes in a nice backpack that makes it easy to transport before inflated. Once inflated it is very lightweight and has a nice center handle for carrying the board to the water.

Ease of Inflation

The pump on the iRocker 11 is about average. The speed of the pump isn’t the quickest but it does have a universal nozzle which makes sharing pumps easy. If you want a speedier inflation, then consider purchasing an electric pump.


Overall the iRocker 11 is a fantastic bang for your buck with amazing build quality, stability, and easily transported. You cannot go wrong with the iRocker 11 if you are looking for an inflatable paddle board at a reasonable price.

If you need help looking for an SUP, check out our blog of the best inflatable paddle boards.

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