Is Paddle Boarding Good Exercise?

by Kyle
Is Paddle Boarding Good Exercise?

One of the most asked questions at Paddle Board Nation is, “Is paddle boarding good exercise?”. And the answer we always give is “Yes!”. In fact, stand up paddle boarding can be considered to be a remarkable form of exercise. Individuals with all types of body shapes as well as sizes are engaging in paddle boarding at present as an enjoyable fitness activity. Apart from being an excellent workout for the core, this activity will also work your legs, toes, shoulder, back, arms, plus neck together.

Why Paddle Boarding Is Good Exercise:

Here are the reasons why paddle boarding is considered to be a good exercise for people of all ages.

Paddle Boarding Burns Lots Of Calories

Paddle Boarding Burns Lots Of Calories

As we learned in our other blog “How Many Calories Does Paddle Boarding Burn?”, it is possible to burn as many as 400 calories every hour by paddle boarding casually. According to them, you will be able to burn 2 times the number of calories by paddle boarding casually than what you would have burned by walking for one hour at a moderate speed. In case you go at a touring pace, which is actually a moderate pace where you will not be taking any breaks, it will be possible to burn around 700 calories every hour. This is almost similar to the number of calories burned by you while running for 1 hour.

Paddle Boarding Is A Great Full Body Workout

Paddle Boarding Exercise

Apart from the calories burned by you, paddle boarding will also target lots of muscles and tone them eventually. According to many people, paddle boarding is actually concerned regarding the arms. In the end, you are actually making use of a massive row for propelling yourself in the forward direction through the water. Despite the fact that your arms receive a substantial amount of workout while you are on the paddle board, every single stroke is going to engage much more than simply the biceps. It will also be working out your pectoralis major, deltoids, traps, supraspinatus, latissmus dorsi, as well as abdominal muscles.

As mentioned earlier, paddle boarding will be great when it comes to core workouts. The reason for this is that you need to engage the core muscles as well as lower back muscles for maintaining your balance while paddle boarding. Your legs will also receive a proper workout since they will be stabilizing your body while you are navigating through the water.

Generally speaking, paddle boarding is a fantastic training workout for sportsmen of every skill level given that it is going to engage almost every muscle within the body.

Different Types Of Paddle Boarding Activities

There is no need to go on paddling endlessly, and there are various ways for switching up your exercise.

Most probably you have already come across paddle board yoga. These are actually classes which can be taken by you at your convenient time. It will be possible to burn approximately 500 calories every hour by performing SUP yoga although you might not be paddling. It will be a fantastic way to meditate and also receive a rigorous workout mainly because of the stabilization and extra balance required.

You can also try Paddle board surfing, which will burn approximately 700 calories in a single hour. However, it is imperative for you know how to surf beforehand!

Apart from this, you can also try running exercises out on your paddle board. Intervals and ladders can be performed on the paddle board by enhancing your intensity, and you simply need to make use of minutes rather than distance.

Low Impact Workout

There is no need for you to indulge in a rigorous weightlifting session anymore. It will be possible for you to get into great shape without performing any intense workout. Also learning paddle boarding will make learning to ski as well as surfing significantly easier.

It is entirely up to you how intense you would like to make it although it will be a fantastic activity for anybody who likes to simplify their workouts. Paddle boarding is quite relaxing given that you are going to be surrounded by the open landscape and you can also dive into the water in case you’d like to get refreshed.

Paddleboarding Is A Great Workout

No matter how you want to paddle board it is true that paddle boarding will definitely provide you with a fantastic workout. In fact, paddle boarding as a workout is much more than simply a workout. It will help to calm your spirit as well as restore your balance.

At the end of the day, it can be a walk in the park getting out on the paddle board. In fact, it is possible for any person irrespective of his age or gender to perform this pursuit without any problem whatsoever.

In our opinion at Paddle Board Nation, spending a day paddle boarding on the water will beat your fitness center every time. Do not waste any time, get a paddle board, and start getting in shape!

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