Where To Paddle Board In San Diego, CA

by Kyle
Where To Paddle Board In San Diego, CA

Paddleboarding has grown in popularity over the last few years. If you visit San Diego, California, you will notice that the city has developed into a hotspot for this fantastic watersport.

Moreover, San Diego offers numerous spots for all your paddling needs. 

As a result, whether you are a seasoned SUPer or a beginner looking to learn the ropes, this city has you covered.

So, in this post, we’ll go over our favorite paddleboarding locations in San Diego. This way, you’ll have an easier time deciding where to paddle!

The Best Places To Paddle Board In San Diego

Paddle Boarding San Diego

San Diego has impressive bays, crescent caves, sparkling sandy beaches, charming islands, and beautiful lakes. So, it can be pretty challenging to choose a location for paddleboarding that would be better than the others.

To make the process easier for you, we have rounded up a list of the best locations to paddleboard in this city.

Our list of SUPing locations include,

  • Mission Bay
  • La Jolla Cove
  • Del Mar Beach
  • Coronado Island Shores
  • Coronado Tidelands Park
  • Lake San Marcos
  • Lake Hodges
  • Oceanside Harbor

Let’s take an in-depth look at these spots.

Mission Bay

Mission Bay, San Diego

Mission Bay is the heart of watersports in San Diego. Paddleboarding, kayaking, surfing, or jet skiing, no matter which sport you wish to participate in, this bay will not disappoint you!

The calm waters and light wind make this bay ideal for paddleboarders looking to enjoy recreational paddling. 

Plus, it’s one of the largest salt-water bays you can find. Thus, there’s no shortage of space for SUPers to paddle safely.

Moreover, it’s specifically excellent for SUP yoga and fishing. The beautiful shoreline also turns paddleboarding into a relaxing activity.

In short, this bay is perfect for SUPing in San Diego!

However, you still need to follow some safety measures when you plan to paddle in these waters. To learn more about paddleboarding techniques and safety, check out how to paddleboard in the ocean.

La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove, San Diego

Gem of San Diego, the La Jolla Cove boasts majestic rocky cliffs and vibrant marine life. As such, SUPing trips near San Diego isn’t complete if you don’t paddle this picturesque cove.

Additionally, looking up at the rocky cliffs while standing on your paddleboard gives off the type of tranquility that is hard to find.

Furthermore, here, you can see seals sunbathing when you paddleboard near the shore. Or, you may even come across a school of fish, leopard sharks, and stingrays.

All in all, it stands to be one of the most naturally beautiful places to paddleboard in San Diego.

Del Mar Beach

Del Mar Beach, San Diego

Del Mar Beach is pretty suitable for you if you love your canine pet and dream of going on a paddleboarding adventure together.

This dog-friendly beach has access to both the river rapids and the calm waters of the sea. So, beginners can enjoy a relaxing paddleboard session with pups while experts can challenge the currents near the river mouth.

Thus, this is the place to paddleboard if you wish to bring your dog along.

Coronado Island Shores

Coronado Island Shores, San Diego

Nestled within the crystal blue waters of San Diego, the Coronado Islands have breathtakingly charming shores.

It has some of the finest paddleboarding spots and instructor courses available. Plus, the beaches have countless locations for paddling safely.

In addition, there are plenty of paddleboard rentals in the Lowes Coronado Bay Resort. So, you won’t have to worry about carrying a heavy epoxy board around.

Therefore, it’s an excellent location for paddleboarders who are interested in light paddling sessions.

Coronado Tidelands Park

Coronado Tidelands Park, San Diego

There’s more to paddleboarding than just getting some cardio and muscle exercise. For instance, the Coronado Tidelands Park offers a panoramic view of the crown city’s skyline that will leave a deep impression on any paddler’s mind.

This park is ideal for enjoying some recreational paddling. Moreover, here, you get to paddle under the famous  Coronado Bridge!

If you plan to paddleboard with your family and have a memorable weekend, the Coronado Tidelands Park will fit the bill quite nicely.

Lake San Marcos

Lake San Marcos, San Diego

There was a time when San Marcos was the only lake that allowed paddleboarding in the area, and for a good reason. After all, it has one of the best environmental setups that enable even kids to paddle effortlessly.

Moreover, it’s an artificial lake surrounded by a resort-based community.

Fortunately, this lake also has nearby paddleboard rentals. For instance, you can quickly rent a SUP board from LSM Marina or order one from San Diego Surfboard Rental Delivery Co.

Lake Hodges

Lake Hodges, San Diego

After 2019, Lake Hodges started to allow paddleboarding. It’s a body of water near the city limits and offers a change of scenery, pace for the paddlers.

Since this location is a bit far from the usual paddling spots, it has less traffic. 

Thus, it’s the perfect location for paddleboarders to immerse themselves in nature and get rid of some stress.

However, the deep lake may not be the safest for beginner-level paddleboarders. But, as long as you have some paddling experience and take some safety measures, you will have a fantastic SUPing experience.

To know more about paddleboarding safety and life jackets, check out the best PFD for SUP.

Oceanside Harbor

Oceanside Harbor, San Diego

If you have already mastered paddling in calm waters, you may want to challenge the rough winds and the rising waves. In such cases, the Oceanside Harbor will provide you a thrilling spot to paddle your board.

It has one of the most powerful water swells and windy weather. Plus, there is an outer jetty that will allow you to jump right in the eye of the storm.

Nevertheless, this is not the ideal spot for junior or inexperienced paddlers. But, if you are a seasoned SUPer, then conquering the waters of this harbor will reward you with a sense of accomplishment.

A Few Tips & Tricks To Enhance Your Paddleboarding Experience In San Diego

SUP San Diego

Not all weathers, waters are suitable for all paddleboarders. Thus, you will need to choose the location carefully before heading out.

After you have made your choice, prepare the essential gear and supplies. Don’t be the paddler who forgets to bring plenty of drinking water, food for extended Sup trips.

Then, when you finally reach the location, try to find a local SUPer or an experienced guide. They can quickly point out the best sites for you to start your paddleboarding journey.

If you are not confident, it’s ok to go on short trips and practice in calm waters before hitting the waves. But, to be more precise, even the experienced paddlers should brush up on the basics from time to time.

Last but not least, ensure that you wear a Coast Guard certified PFD and a safety leash before paddling the deep waters. 

This way, you will gain more confidence and have more fun while paddleboarding with the entire family.

Bottom Line For Where To Paddle Board San Diego

Whether you wish to enjoy your weekend with the family or burn some calories by paddling your favorite SUP board, San Diego will have something for every paddler. After all, it’s called the city in motion for good reasons.

However, no matter where you plan to paddle, take the proper safety measures and abide by the local paddling rules to experience a smoother ride.

So, get your paddling gear ready, and enjoy your next paddleboarding adventure in the vibrant city of San Diego!

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