Why Are Paddle Boards So Expensive?

by Kyle
Why Are Paddle Boards So Expensive?

Paddle Boarding offers much fun and excitement but the jaw dropping cost of paddle boards stops many individuals from dipping their toes into the sport. So, why are paddle boards so expensive? What makes them so expensive? Let’s find out! 

What Is The Average Cost Of A Paddle Board?

Don’t be surprised if we tell you that an inflatable paddle board with a price below $400 is considered to be super cheap.

However, this cheap price tag is enough to burn holes in pockets of many. Further, the inflatable boards in the range of $600-$1000 are considered as budget-friendly and anything above this price range is classified as high end. 

The inflatable paddle boards can go as high as $1700 and hardboards have even set the world record for being the most expensive paddle boards in the world with a price of $27000.

Practically, you’ll want a paddle board that is reliable and sturdy so that it lasts for years. If you buy a cheap SUP, however, there will always be a chance of breaking it during your sports sessions. So, always prefer investing in good quality paddle boards and avoid opting for the cheap ones just for saving a few bucks. 

The high cost of paddle boards accounts for their build-quality and construction. Additionally, shape, size and design are also important factors that decide the price of boards. Most of the time, the materials used for constructing the paddle boards are quite expensive and hence increase their overall price. 

What Makes Paddle Boards Expensive?

Below are the top 3 factors behind the increased cost of paddle boards :


Paddle Board Construction

It takes advanced modern technology and expensive materials to construct a high-quality and reliable paddle board. The more expensive the materials are, the advanced the processes are, the more expensive comes the paddle boards. In case of the cheap paddle board, there are fair chances that the manufacturer has cut the corners for its construction. 

For instance, the use of advanced production tactics and professional-grade material takes money and time. Before even starting the construction, an in-depth research is carried out in order to get the best outcomes. The main focus is on making the paddle boards robust and durable. 

Further, it takes a lot of experience and professionalism to get the optimal size, design, weight, performance and flex out of a board. The most premium paddle boards come at a higher price because they’re designed and then constructed to withstand a number of damage for a longer time. 


Paddle Board Design

As we already discussed, the top manufacturers and brands carry out an in-depth Research and Development of the boards. The design of paddle boards is a very important factor that accounts for their high cost. For example, top shapers as a design element enhances the appearance of the board without impacting its durability and performance. 

The in-depth research is then turned into experiments and finally, the experiments turn into a premium final product. At the final step, the engineers and designers test and improve the paddle boards for making them durable and high-performing. Throughout the construction process, various designs are made and manipulated by the experts. 


Paddle Board Size

As compared to the regular surfboards, paddle boards are much bigger in size. The average dimensions of a normal paddle board is, around 10ft of length, 32 inches of width and minimum 5 inches of thickness. So, obviously, if you buy a bigger paddle board, it will come at a greater cost. Remember, the bigger the size, the more materials will be used and hence greater will be the cost. 

Production Cost Of Paddle Boards 

In the case of paddle boards, you get what you pay for. While you can surely find some cheap and so-called “budget-friendly” boards in the market, don’t expect them to perform well and last for years. You’ll start regretting your purchase shortly after a few sessions. Manufacturers are able to make such cheap boards by using low-quality materials. For this reason, the cheap paddle boards are a strict no-no otherwise you may end up wasting your money and have to finally invest in a quality board. So, a good decision is to invest in a good quality product no matter if it comes at slightly higher rates. 

There are mainly two types of paddle boards available in the market, hard boards and inflatable paddle boards. Let’s discuss the materials used for constructing each of these types :

What Are Hard Shell Paddle Boards Made Of?

Hard Shell Paddle Boards

A majority of hard boards are built from Expanded Polystyrene or simply EPS foam core, layered with carbon fibre, glass fibre or wood and are finally sealed using epoxy resin. 

Epoxy resin and EPS foam are two materials that increase the price of a paddle board. But, both of these materials are very important for making the paddle boards durable and robust. While EPS foam is responsible for making the boards lightweight, flexible, sturdy and durable, epoxy resin gives the final touch and adds a protective layer on the top. 

The use of carbon fibre material, epoxy resin and fibreglass accounts for a huge part of production cost. However, these materials can’t be avoided because they are responsible for giving a tough quality and appealing look to the boards. Further, the manufacturing process is mostly carried out by hand and hence is a daunting task, so labor cost is also very high. 

On top of manufacturing processes and materials, the shipping and storage cost is also responsible for the increased price. These boards are heavy and are at risk of damage during the transport. 

What Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Made Of?

Inflatable Paddle Boards

Most brands built inflatable boards from PVC with combining them to the cutting edge technology and high precision. Inflatable paddle boards are subjected to high pressure and for this reason, they are laminated using heat pumps to make them withstand a variety of conditions. 


So, these were the main factors that make the paddle boards so expensive. Surely, the premium paddle boards don’t fit in everyone’s budget, they are totally worth the price you pay. Think of them as an investment and you’ll never be disappointed!

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